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Did you know that the Temple of Artemis is one of the 7 Original and Ancient Wonders of the World. It truly was an incredible structure which was once a mesmerizing place of peace and beauty.

Fun Fact 1 The Temple of Artemis was one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, it was located near to Ephesus in Turkey.

Fun Fact 2 The Temple of Artemis, despite being built in Turkey, was actually a Greek temple which was built in dedication to the Goddess Artemis.

Fun Fact 3: Artemis was the Goddess of the hunt, forests and wild animals and childbirth. The Arcadians believed Artemis was the daughter of Demeter, in Greek mythology she was described as the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo.

Fun Fact 4: The ancient Greeks worshipped Artemis who is often depicted carrying a bow and arrows.

Fun Fact 5: The temple was rebuilt three times before it was finally destroyed in 401 AD.

Fun Fact 6: Some remains from the foundations of the Temple of Artemis exist at the site near the ancient town of Ephesus today.

Fun Fact 7: The Temple of Artemis is sometimes known as the Temple of Diana; Diana was said to be the Artemis' Roman equivalent.

Fun Fact 8: During the 7th century BC the Temple of Artemis suffered chronic damage due to flooding. The destruction was so great that it took around a decade to rebuild the temple.

Fun Fact 9: The Temple of Artemis was reconstructed by King Croesus of Lydia who rebuilt the temple using marble.

Fun Fact 10: Soon after the building was reconstructed it was destroyed by a Greek named man names Herostratus. Herostratus was an arsonist (someone who deliberately sets things alight); it is believed that he set fire to the Temple of Artemis in order to become famous for his criminal act.

Fun Fact 11: After the fire, the Ephesians began rebuilding a larger temple in 323 BC which took years to complete.

Fun Fact 12: This new Temple of Artemis measured approximately 130 meters in length and had supporting columns which measured approximately 18 meters high. It was this new temple that was declared a wonder of the ancient world.

Fun Fact 13: The Temple of Artemis was an important place, many people who visited paid tribute to Artemis with valuable items such as jewellery. The type of people the visited the sanctuary included kings, merchants and sightseers.

Fun Fact 14: The Temple of Artemis was a sacred site which offered a place of worship and a sanctuary to people for many different reasons including those who were trying to escape punishment.

Fun Fact 15: The remains of the Temple of Artemis remained undiscovered for many years until a British architect and archaeologist known as John Turtle Wood found the site in 1869.

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