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Did you know that it took more than twenty years to complete the building work? Do you know what type of building materials were used to create the building? Read the facts sheet below to discover more information about this impressive building that is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Fun Fact 1 The Lighthouse of Alexandria is also referred to as Pharos of Alexandria

Fun Fact 2 The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the first lighthouse to be constructed in the World; construction started in 120 BC and took 20 years to complete.

Fun Fact 3: The Lighthouse of Alexandria is located in a small offshore island near Pharos in Egypt.

Fun Fact 4: The Lighthouse was built to help guide ships into the port.

Fun Fact 5: Part of the structure was discovered by a French archaeologist in Alexandria's Eastern Harbour.

Fun Fact 6: The Lighthouse of Alexandria was hit by several earthquakes and was abandoned before crumbling to ruins.

Fun Fact 7: The Lighthouse stood approximately 450 feet tall, there was a staircase in the center to allow people to walk up to the beacon chamber.

Fun Fact 8: The Lighthouse is the third longest Wonder of the World to survive, it is thought to be the most practical too.

Fun Fact 9: Ptolemy, the ruler of Egypt decided to build the Lighthouse to help sailors and aid navigation.

Fun Fact 10: The city of Alexandria still has a symbol of a lighthouse on their national flag.

Fun Fact 11: At the very top of the Lighthouse of Alexandria there was a statue of Poseidon God of the Sea; accordingly to Greek Mythology.

Fun Fact 12: Alexander the Great died in 323 BC so didn't get to see the completed structure after naming the city after himself.

Fun Fact 13: The Lighthouse of Alexandria stood for nearly 1600 years, it was constructed from of marble and heavy stone.

Fun Fact 14: The Lighthouse of Alexandria would approximately cost $3 Million to construct in present time.

Fun Fact 15: The Lighthouse of Alexandria was a 3 tier construction, the first was square shape, the second tier was octagonal and the third tier was a cylinder shape.

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