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Did you know that the Hoover Dam is one of the 7 industrial wonders of the world? It was a huge engineering project which required a great deal of workers and many years of planning and building to complete it. Read our fun facts sheet to discover new trivia and information about the structure including details of itís size and location.

Fun Fact 1 The Hoover Dam is a huge concrete barrier which was constructed to hold back water. It is located along the Colorado River, around 48 kilometres from Las Vegas, America, on the border of Nevada and Arizona.

Fun Fact 2 The Hoover Dam was a massive engineering project which took just under five years to complete. The engineers completed the job quicker than they'd anticipated and managed to finish on 1st March, 1936.

Fun Fact 3: The name of the dam derived from the president at the time the project was started, Herbert Hoover. However, in 1932, presidency changed hands to Franklin Roosevelt and so the structure was renamed the Boulder Dam. After many years, in 1947, the name was changed back to the Hoover Dam in honor of Herbert Hoover.

Fun Fact 4: The Hoover Dam became an official National Historical Landmark in 1985. It is one of the largest concrete structures on Earth.

Fun Fact 5: An unbelievable amount of concrete was used to construct the Hoover Dam. In fact, there was enough concrete to build a two-way road from New York to San Francisco!

Fun Fact 6: At the time construction began, which was during 1931, it was the largest dam project ever attempted by man. This fabulous creation was an engineering miracle.

Fun Fact 7: In preparation for constructing the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River had to be diverted through tunnels. Therefore, four tunnels had to be channelled out of the canyon walls and the river bed dug out to expose solid bedrock.

Fun Fact 8: The cliffs also had to be excavated which means that man had to hole or channel by digging. This is because the walls of the canyon had to provide a support strong enough to bear the weight of the huge structure.

Fun Fact 9: The Hoover Dam weighs an unimaginable 6.6 million tons! The construction has to be extremely strong to hold back masses of water.

Fun Fact 10: The Hoover Dam mainly spans the Colorado River and holds back 63,900 hectare Lake Mead which forms part of the Colorado River and stretches 180 kilometres behind the Hoover Dam. This is the largest reservoir in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 11: The Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric dam which produces power for use in Arizona, Nevada and California.

Fun Fact 12: The Hoover Dam has seventeen main turbines which are used to create electrical energy, approximately four billion kilowatt-hours per year.

Fun Fact 13: The foundations were completed in 1933 which meant that building work could commence on 6th June, 1933 when the first concrete was poured using a special system where concrete was threaded using cooling pipes.

Fun Fact 14: The Hoover Dam was complete ahead of schedule in 1936; it took approximately 21,000 men in total to complete the structure.

Fun Fact 15: The exterior of the structure was completed using an art deco design which was inspired by Gordon B. Kaufmann and Allen Tupper True.

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