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Fun Facts about the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

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Did you know that the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world? Did you know it is actually the largest bay in the world? Did you know that Sugar Loaf Mountain is situated here? Learn some cool facts including how the harbor was formed and what makes it so spectacular that tourists want to visit the area year after year.

Fun Fact 1 The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is situated in Brazil which is one of the largest countries in South America.

Fun Fact 2 The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is Portuguese for the 'river of January'. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

Fun Fact 3: The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest bays in the world, in fact, based of the volume of water, it is the biggest!

Fun Fact 4: This beautiful harbor is also known as Guanabara Bay. It is surrounded by mountains making it look even more spectacular. It is no surprise it has become one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

Fun Fact 5: The mountains which surround the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro include the well known Sugar Loaf Mountain which stands at 395 meters, the Corcovado Peak and the hills of Tijuca.

Fun Fact 6: One aspect which makes the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro more famous is the humungous statue of Christ the Redeemer which stands tall, overlooking the city from its location high up on Corcovado Mountain.

Fun Fact 7: The climate at the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is generally good all year round. During the summer months the temperature is usually very high, between 35-39 degrees Celsius. Even during the winter months, the temperature tends to remain at a pleasant 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Fun Fact 8: The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro was discovered in 1502 and named by Concalo Coelho, a Portuguese seafarer.

Fun Fact 9: The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is very big, it measures 28 kilometers east to west and 30 kilometers north to south.

Fun Fact 10: The incredible bay has some of the most spectacular beaches with white sand and crystal waters - there are around 80 kilometers of beaches in total!

Fun Fact 11: Rio de Janeiro used to be the capital of Brazil but this changed in 1960 when Brasilia became the country's new capital city.

Fun Fact 12: Rio de Janeiro is the third biggest city in South America and it has a population of around six million people.

Fun Fact 13: There are more than 130 islands within the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro which include Snakes Island, Fundao and Governor's Island.

Fun Fact 14: Guanabara Bay was formed naturally by the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, the sea eroded the rocks and sand developing the bay we recognize today.

Fun Fact 15: The bay was named Guanabara by the Tamoio people who were the original habitants of the the area. The name means 'arm of the sea'.

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