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Did you know that human beings have lived within the Grand Canyon for thousands of years, making their homes within caves? Did you know that this majestic area is also home to an array of plant life and animals? Do you know which species of snake inhabits the area or how big the canyon is? Read our facts sheet to discover the answers to these interesting questions.

Fun Fact 1 The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World; it was naturally formed millions of years ago!

Fun Fact 2 The Grand Canyon is etched into the landscape of Arizona by the Colorado River in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 3: The Grand Canyon is huge, it is not the largest canyon in the world but even so it still measures approximately 446 kilometers long! (277 miles). At the widest point, the Canyon measures up to 29 kilometers (18 miles).

Fun Fact 4: The Grand Canyon is very deep, its depth measures up to approximately 1,800 meters which is more than one mile!

Fun Fact 5: We do not know exactly when the Grand Canyon was formed, however, some geologists estimate that the beginning of its formation commenced around 17 million years ago. Some say it began many years before this!

Fun Fact 6: The Grand Canyon developed when the Colorado River naturally formed its pathway through the landscape of Arizona. Over many years, the river began channelling its way through layers of rock and consistent erosion has formed the canyon that we know today.

Fun Fact 7: Many Native Americans have settled in the area of the Grand Canyon. They have built their homes within its many caves which have naturally developed over the years. It is thought that human beings have inhabited the area for nearly 12,000 years.

Fun Fact 8: This natural wonder of the world is a truly spectacular sight. It may not be the biggest of canyons but its beauty is majestic. The glow of the sun draws out the fabulous red, orange and yellow colors of the Grand Canyon making it totally awe-inspiring.

Fun Fact 9: Tourists from all over the world visit the Grand Canyon every year. There are many different types of excursions available including helicopter rides which take tourists through the Canyon down to the Colorado River. This particular wonder of the world is a massive tourist attraction which can be visited from resorts such as Las Vegas.

Fun Fact 10: It's difficult to imagine the scale of the Grand Canyon; it stretches from the Arizona/Utah border at Lee's Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs which are situated near to Las Vegas.

Fun Fact 11: It is thought that Garcia Lopez de Cardenas was the first European to visit the Grand Canyon in 1540.

Fun Fact 12: Throughout history, many people have tried to find a way across the Grand Canyon including Spanish Soldiers during the 18th Century.

Fun Fact 13: The Grand Canyon is a protected area. In 1908, during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, it came under US federal protection and became one of the eighteen National Monuments. A few years later it became a National Park.

Fun Fact 14: The Grand Canyon is home to various plant life and fauna. It is also home to different species of animal. The rattlesnake and Californian Condor are popular inhabitants of the canyon.

Fun Fact 15: An American explorer called John Wesley Powell tried to describe the beauty of this natural wonder when he wrote, 'The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon - forms unrivalled even by the mountains, colors that view with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract [waterfall] to bubbling fountain.'

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