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Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the 7 new wonders of the world? You do? Do you know why? Find out useful facts and information about this engineering wonder with our fun facts sheet for kids.

Fun Fact 1 The Golden Gate Bridge is an incredible piece of American architecture, one of the new, modern wonders of the world, based in the city of San Francisco.

Fun Fact 2 The Golden Gate Bridge spans across the channel where San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. The channel is approximately one mile wide and three miles long.

Fun Fact 3: The concept of the Golden Gate Bridge was discussed for years before building work began in January, 1933.

Fun Fact 4: The reason so much discussion took place before building work could commence was the many important factors which had to be considered and the possible dangers and risks which lay ahead.

Fun Fact 5: A strait can be described as a narrow passage of water which connects the two areas of water, in this case the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. The strait in this channel of water is approximately 152 meters deep.

Fun Fact 6: Another factor which had to be considered was the weather in San Francisco which could sometimes turn to fog and fierce winds. This combined with strong tides and the depth of the strait could make the overall conditions very dangerous.

Fun Fact 7: The cost of the bridge was also an important factor to consider. An engineer had estimated the cost at around $100 million; however, a design engineer called Joseph Strauss estimated it would cost $17 million.

Fun Fact 8: Joseph Strauss made plans which were heavily discussed and refined with other architects and engineers for more than a decade.

Fun Fact 9: Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began in January 1933. As well as Joseph Strauss, senior engineer Charles Alton Ellis and architect Irving Morrow were both heavily involved with the design and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fun Fact 10: During the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, 11 people sadly lost their lives. However, many lives were saved by safety devices which had been developed.

Fun Fact 11: The finished product successfully spans around 2042 meters making it the longest suspension in the world at its time of construction. This is not the case now as the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge is longer.

Fun Fact 12: A tower was constructed at either end of the Golden Gate Bridge which measure 230 meters tall.

Fun Fact 13: The completed bridge cost more than $35 million, more than Strauss' estimation but far less than the original estimation of $100 million.

Fun Fact 14: The Golden Gate Bridge was painted orange and opened on 27th May, 1937. Celebrations were held to mark its opening. Around 200,000 people crossed the bridge by foot before it was opened to vehicles.

Fun Fact 15: Tourists visit the Golden Gate Bridge from all over the world. It is iconic to San Francisco and it is credited for its fabulous architecture.

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