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Did you know that Roman Colosseum is one of the 7 Wonders of the Middle Ages? It represents a time of architectural wonder in the history of the Roman Empire as well as the acts of cruelty which took place within its walls. Read our facts sheet to learn some interesting facts and information about this beautiful Roman amphitheatre.

Fun Fact 1 The Colosseum is an architectural wonder which was built in the city of Rome, Italy.

Fun Fact 2 The Colosseum is an amphitheatre which can be described as typical Roman architecture of circular construction providing tiered seated for spectators to view the centre space where dramatic sporting events took place.

Fun Fact 3: The Colosseum is an engineering wonder as its awesome structure reflects the extent of the architectural skills of Rome's civilization. It is an architectural achievement recognized throughout the world.

Fun Fact 4: The majority of Rome was destroyed in the Great Fire of Rome which took place in 64 AD, after the destruction the Emperor, Nero, built a garden and a great lake. Some years later Vespasian came into power and decided to turn Nero's creation into an amphitheatre to present to the people of Rome. Vepasian was the first emporer of the Flavian Dynasty.

Fun Fact 5: Construction of the Colosseum began around 70 AD at the command of emperors. It was completed around a decade later when Titus was in power.

Fun Fact 6: The Colosseum is known as the 'Colosseo' in Italian. This structural wonder is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre.

Fun Fact 7: The original structure of the Colosseum was 156 meters wide and 189 meters long. The building stood at 48 meters tall. The circumference of the structure was 545 meters making the building humungous. It is the largest amphitheatre in Italy.

Fun Fact 8: The amphitheatre provided tiered seating which offered seating to 50,000 people. The crowd were seated according to their status. The wealthy and noble were given priority over ordinary Roman citizens who were seated at the highest tiers furthest from the centre stage.

Fun Fact 9: Some people were given special seating including senators. In order to become a Roman Senate, a person had to meet a high criteria; this included being rich, over the age of 30 and having served in a position of authority within the Commonwealth.

Fun Fact 10: Vestal Virgins were also provided with special seating; they sat in an imperial box to the south of the building. Vestal Virgins were the pure priestesses of Vesta; the only female priestesses of Ancient Rome. There was an additional imperial box at the north end of the building as well.

Fun Fact 11: The Colosseum centre is the area where the dramatic sporting events took place. It measured 83 meters x 43 meters. The clever construction allowed this area to flood with water to create sea battles.

Fun Fact 12: The acts which took place within the Colosseum were far from acts of kindness. Much cruelty and torture took place within the walls of the amphitheatre; spectators would regularly watch professional gladiators fight against all sorts of animals, criminals and Christians.

Fun Fact 13: Many tunnels, cages and cells surround the centre arena of Roman Colosseum, this is where animals and people would be held before they entered the arena.

Fun Fact 14: The structure of the Colosseum has been partly ruined over the past centuries. Some of its stone was used during medieval times. The building also suffered damaged from an earthquake during the year 1349.

Fun Fact 15: Although only half of Roman Colosseum remains today, tourists visit from all around the world to see this architectural wonder where they can have guided tours around the building.

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