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Did you know that the magnificent city of Chichen Itza has a fabulous pyramid which was built using 365 steps - one for every day of the year! The Maya empire consisted of talented people and advanced astronomers. Read our interesting facts sheet to learn more information about this ancient city and its people.

Fun Fact 1 Chichen Itza is a famous archaeological site located in the Mexican state of Yucatan in Tinum.

Fun Fact 2 The historical site of Chichen Itza was built by the Mayan people. The Maya Era was around AD 250 to 900, this period was before the Aztec Era; around 14th to 16th Century.

Fun Fact 3: Chichen Itza is an ancient archeological site rich in history and various designs and styles which were typical to central Mexican, Puuc and Chenes styles. It is believed that the population of Chichen Itza was very diverse. The variation of cultures is reflected in the styling which can be seen at this city.

Fun Fact 4: Archeologists are fascinated by this Maya city which has become one of the New Wonders of the World. It was one of the largest Maya cities built.

Fun Fact 5: The meaning of the name 'Chichen Itza' is 'at the mouth of the well of the Itza'.

Fun Fact 6: Human remains were discovered at the site of Chichen Itza and research has led us to believe that some form of human sacrifice once took place, perhaps a form of worship to Chaac who was the Maya rain god.

Fun Fact 7: It is thought that the construction of Chichen Itza began during 750 and 900 AD.

Fun Fact 8: The city of Chichen Itza was built on rough terrain covering an area of 5 square kilometers or more. The area had to be manually levelled off before construction work could begin.

Fun Fact 9: The Castillo Pyramid is one of the most famous structures of Chichen Itza. This huge construction is awe-inspiring and has become a huge tourist attraction to visitors from all over the world who travel to the site to view this towering icon.

Fun Fact 10: This incredible New Wonder of the World shows the skill of the Maya empire, although only ruins remain of much of Chichen Itzu now, it is clear that the ancient city was once an array of fabulous stone structures, stepped pyramids, temples and columned arcades; similar to the artists' image above.

Fun Fact 11: The pyramid is known as 'El Castillo' and the 'Temple of Kukulkan'. This fabulous structure has one step for every day of the year - 365 steps in total. The pyramid forms a temple with four sides; each side has 91 steps making the top level the 365th step.

Fun Fact 12: The pyramid structure is incredible not just for its architecture but also for its calendar formation. It is somewhat a mystery how a shadow falls upon the pyramid twice a year forming the shape of serpent!

Fun Fact 13: The Maya empire was advanced for their time. When it came to astrology, they could successfully predict solar eclipses; historians discovered the remains of an observatory structure at the site.

Fun Fact 14: The only source of water available to the people of Chichen Itza was provided through natural sinkholes known as cenotes. There were no rivers or streams passing through this area.

Fun Fact 15: Chichen Itza was abandoned by its inhabitants in the 1400s. The reason for this remains unclear; however, it is thought that droughts in the area and lack of water may have been a likely cause.

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