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Did you know questions about Viking Warriors?
Did you know that the Viking Warriors were led by Chieftains? Did you know that the most popular weapon during the Viking age was an axe? Did you know that swords were prized possession and sometimes given names? Discover more interesting facts and information about Viking warriors, Viking clothing, Gods, homes and children on our Facts about Vikings pages - there is a page for every subject!

Fun Fact 1: Areas of Scandinavia were ruled by Chieftains, the Chieftains were supported by warriors who would fight in battle for them; warriors expected land and treasures as a reward for combat

Fun Fact 2: Why did the Viking warriors invade other countries? Scandinavia was over populated and was a relativity poor country, so the Vikings raided other countries to become wealthy and establish new lands

Fun Fact 3: Longships were the Vikings largest and fastest ships, they were used for exploration, pirating and combat. Viking longship measured approximately 25-30 metres in length and could carry up to 60 warriors

Fun Fact 4: The Viking warrior longship was intricately carved, the figure-head at the front of the ship would depict a dragon or sea serpent, the frightening carvings were used to scare the enemy and frighten the monsters of the sea. To learn more about Viking Ships click here

Fun Fact 5: The warrior's shields would edge the outer sides of the longships, this ensured that they were stored effectively, were ready for use and buffeted the ship against the waves

Fun Fact 6: A warrior equipped for attack would be armed with a shield, an axe, a helmet, protective clothing and frequently a sword or spear. Weapons were made with iron and wood; so they were very heavy. The warrior shields were made of wood and covered with leather. Many shields had an iron rim, they were held with a grip on the reverse side

Fun Fact 7: The most popular weapon during the Viking age was an axe. Made with heavy sharp blades, they could easily smash through helmets or sever limbs. Spears were used to thrust into victims or lighter ones were thrown. Spears were the preferred weapon for poorer warriors as swords were costly

Fun Fact 8: Swords were considered the 'heroes weapon' they were usually a prized possession and were sometimes given names such as 'Fierce' and 'Leg Biter'. Most swords were double edged and they often had a central long groove which made them lighter. When the sword was not being used it was carried attached to a leather belt or baldric (shoulder strap). Swords were often passed on from father to son or buried with the warrior when he died

Fun Fact 9: We often see Viking helmets depicted with wings; these did not exist in the Viking period. Helmets with horns did exist but only for religious ceremonies and not for warfare as sometimes portrayed. Warrior helmets were made of leather or metal, some Viking helmets were round, some slightly pointed and some helmets had eye guards and nose pieces

Fun Fact 10: Only one complete Viking age Helmet has ever been found! It was found on a farm in Ringerike, Norway. Experts suggest that helmets were passed on through family generations, then re-used or re-cycled and turned into swords; this is why complete helmets are particularly rare to find

Fun Fact 11: The quality of a warrior’s protective clothing depending on his status and wealth. Richer warriors had heavy tunics made of iron rings or chain-mail; poorer warriors had padded leather jackets

Fun Fact 12: Vikings did not destroy everything in a raid; they would leave enough so that the people could re-build their lives... Then the Viking warriors could return and raid again!

Fun Fact 13: The Vikings believed in many Gods. Odin was one of the most important. Odin was the son of Bor, ancestor of the Aesir Family (sky gods). Odin was a wise God and lord of the battles; he was feared because it was Odin who decided between victory and defeat during battle

Fun Fact 14: Viking warriors were very brave as they wanted to die in battle! If they did, they believed that they would make it to Valhalla - the Norse afterlife for brave fallen warriors

Fun Fact 15: A shieldmaiden is a mythical name given to warrior woman. Evidence suggests that there were women warriors in the Viking Era (although very rarely). Some experts suggest that Sela, Lathgertha, Hetha and Visna may well have been the names of warrior women

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Fun Facts on Vikings for Kids

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