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Fun Facts on Norse Vikings

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Did you know questions about Norse Vikings?
Did you know that the name 'Viking' originates from Old Norse language? Did you know that in Norse mythology there were two main Norse God families? Did you know that Viking warriors were very brave because they wanted to die in battle! Find out why by reading the interesting facts sheet, and discover many more fascinating facts and fun information

Fun Fact 1: Norsemen were the tribes of Germanic origin who settled in Scandinavia, during the 8th century the Norse started to become expert ship builders. They soon travelled to explore new lands; this was the beginning of the Viking era

Fun Fact 2: Scandinavia was over populated and was a relativity poor country, some of the Norse people became pirate explorers and the name giving to Norse pirates was Vikings

Fun Fact 3: The name 'Viking' originates from Old Norse language and the word 'vikingr', which means 'pirate raid'. Norse people who had decided to set sail for exploring and looting were said to be 'going Viking'

Fun Fact 4: Scandinavia was the home of the Vikings and the Norse, but not all Vikings lived in Scandinavia. As different lands were discovered the Vikings settled in other countries including; Iceland, the British Isles, Greenland and America

Fun Fact 5: There are many Norse myths and stories about creation, gods and goddesses. The tales and myths were taught to children by word of mouth, this ensured that they were passed on through family generations

Fun Fact 6: The Vikings believed in many Norse Gods. The two main families of the Norse Gods were the Aesir Family (sky gods) and the Vanir Family (earth Gods) the families were at war but eventually they made peace

Fun Fact 7: Odin was one of the most important Norse God. Odin was the son of Bor, ancestor of the Aesir Family. Odin was a wise God and lord of the battles; he was feared by Vikings because it was Odin who decided between a victory and defeat during battle

Fun Fact 8: Norse God Thor was brave and strong; he was the thunder God of the Sky and protected the home of the Norse Gods (Asgard) with his hammer. It was Thor's hammer that caused thunder and lightening. Norse God Thor lived the life of a Viking Warrior - he was much loved and highly respected as he represented safety and stability

Fun Fact 9: Norse mythology is the belief, stories and legends of the Scandinavian people. The tales and myths were taught by word of mouth, this ensured that they were passed on through the generations

Fun Fact 10: Nordic myths and Norse mythology often told stories that included scary monsters, mischievous trolls, powerful dragons, sea serpents, great giants and naughty elves. In one myth Odin rides a horse with magical powers and eight legs!

Fun Fact 11: Norse mythology believed that there were nine worlds to the universe. The worlds were supported by a massive ash tree called Yggdrasil (also known as the world tree). The Branches were believed to reach into the heavens, whilst the roots delved into the lands of the giants and the dead

Fun Fact 12: Freya was a Norse goddess of the Vanir (fertility gods); she represented love, beauty and fertility. When Freya was sad she wept tears of gold

Fun Fact 13: Viking warriors were very brave as they wanted to die in battle! If they did, they believed that they would make it to Valhalla - the Norse afterlife for brave fallen warriors

Fun Fact 14: A well known Norse tradition is the Viking ship burial.  The deceased was laid in a boat, with personal belongings and grave offerings - the Norse believed they would need them in the afterlife. The boats were set alight and sailed off into the afterlife aboard their burning ships

Fun Fact 15: The myths about Norse Gods and goddesses began to be documented on manuscripts during the latter part of the Viking Era (from around 1120 AD). The manuscripts about Norse mythology were called Sagas

Fun Facts for Kids

Fun Facts on Vikings for Kids

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