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Did you know that the atmosphere of planet Venus is Poisonous? Did you know that the planet Venus is about 5% smaller than Earth? Did you know that apart from the moon, Venus is the brightest object in our night sky? Why not watch the fun facts entertaining video? It's fun for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help, it's the perfect way to learn facts about each of the planets with ease!

Fun Fact 1: The name Venus is derived from Roman Mythology, Venus was the goddess of beauty and love; Venus is a bright and beautiful planet in the night sky

Fun Fact 2: How big is Venus? The planet Venus has a diameter of 12,104 km; it is nearly as big as Earth

Fun Fact 3: How far is the Planet Venus away from the Sun? Venus is 108 million km away from the sun

Fun Fact 4: Venus, Mercury, Earth and Mars, are made up of rocks and metals, they are collectively called the inner planets

Fun Fact 5: What is it like on the surface of the planet Venus? Venus has a rocky, mountainous landscape, and the surface is tremendously hot; 460C compared to Earth's average temperature of 14C!

Fun Fact 6: The landscape has been shaped by volcanos, which are probably still active. The volcanic eruptions have covered many of the planets craters

Fun Fact 7: The atmosphere of planet Venus is poisonous! It has yellow clouds that contain toxic gasses and sulphuric acid that would burn our skin

Fun Fact 8: The atmosphere mainly consists of carbon dioxide and has 90 times more atmospheric pressure than Earth. If you were to visit Venus your body would be suffocated, burnt and crushed to death by the atmosphere!

Fun Fact 9: Does the planet Venus have any moons? Planet Mercury does not have any moons, it is one of the few planets which has no moons or satellites

Fun Fact 10: The cloudy atmosphere of Venus reflects lots of sunlight back into space; this makes the planet appear so bright in the night sky

Fun Fact 11: Most of the information we know about the planet Venus was gathered from data identified by space probes Mariner, Venera and Pioneer

Fun Fact 12: The highest mountain on Venus is called Maxwell Montes it measures 11 km high and 700 km wide

Fun Fact 13: Venus travels at an average speed of 126,077 km per hour and takes over 220 Earth days to orbit around the Sun

Fun Fact 14: Strange fact! Venus spins in the opposite direction to Earth and most other planets!

Fun Fact 15: There are eight planets in the solar system, an easy way to remember the names of each planet is; 'Many Vegetarians Eat Marvellous Jam Sandwiches Upon Nightfall' The first letter of each word relates to the planet in order from the closest to the sun 'Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune'

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