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Did you know that Neptune's core consists of more rock and metal than the other outer planets? Did you know that Neptune is the coldest planet in the Solar System? Areas in the atmosphere are as cool as -221.4C! Don't forget to watch the fun facts video, its ideal for kids and children of all ages and great for homework help and school study

Fun Fact 1: The name Neptune is derived from the roman mythological God of the sea and earthquakes

Fun Fact 2: How big is Neptune? The planet Neptune has a diameter of 49,572 km; it is nearly four times the size of Earth and it is the fourth biggest planet in our Solar System

Fun Fact 3: How far is planet Neptune away from the Sun? Neptune is 4497 million km away from the sun; it is the sixth furthest planet from the sun in our Solar system

Fun Fact 4: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune mainly made up of gases; collectively they are called the outer planets

Fun Fact 5: What is it like on the surface of the planet Neptune? Neptune is a gas planet consisting of mainly hydrogen, helium and rock. There is no solid surface on Uranus therefore no space craft are able to land there

Fun Fact 6: The atmosphere of planet Neptune is blue in color this is due to methane which absorbs red light causing a blue green haze. It is slightly deeper blue colour than Uranus as planet Neptune has more methane in the atmosphere than planet Uranus

Fun Fact 7: Neptune and Uranus are very similar planets in both composition and size, a distance of 1.6 billion km separates them

Fun Fact 8: Does the planet Neptune have any moons? Planet Neptune has at least 13 Moons, the biggest are called Triton (2,700 km in diameter) and Proteus (400 km in diameter)

Fun Fact 9: Neptune's biggest moon, Triton, is unique as it is the only large moon in the Solar System which travels in orbit in the opposite direction to its planet's rotation

Fun Fact 10: The first person to observe planet Neptune was German Astronomer Johann Galle and student Heinrich Louis d'Arrest in 1846. They had followed calculations by English Astronomer John Couch Adams and the French Astronomer Urbain Le Verrier

Fun Fact 11: Planet Neptune has the fastest winds in the Solar System! The wind can reach speeds of up to 2,200 km/h

Fun Fact 12: The planet features different cloud characteristics including a major dark spot and pale high speed blue streaks. The major dark spot, is a huge storm system which is the same size as planet Earth!

Fun Fact 13: The high speed, fast-moving blue streaks that are in the upper atmosphere were named 'scooters' by astronomers

Fun Fact 14: It takes planet Neptune 164.79 Earth years to orbit the sun; one day is just about 16 hours of an Earth day

Fun Fact 15: There are eight planets in the solar system, an easy way to remember the names of each planet is; 'Many Vegetarians Eat Marvellous Jam Sandwiches Upon Nightfall' The first letter of each word relates to the planet in order from the closest to the sun 'Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune'

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