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Did you know that that planet Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system? Did you know that it is sometimes referred to as the king of the planets? Did you know that early astronomers believed that Jupiter was a 'wandering star' rather than a Planet? Our fact files for kids are full of amazing information on every planet; they are quick, unique and a great way to learn fun facts together with your kids

Fun Fact 1: The name of the planet is derived from the supreme Roman god Jupiter; the god of light and sky and the king of the gods

Fun Fact 2: How big is Jupiter? The planet Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system; it has a diameter of 142,984 km; a thousand planets Earths could fit inside it!

Fun Fact 3: How far is the Planet Jupiter away from the sun? Jupiter is the fifth furthest planet in our Solar system from the Sun; it is 788 million km away from the sun

Fun Fact 4: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune mainly consist of gas; collectively they are called the outer planets

Fun Fact 5: What is it like on the surface of the Planet Jupiter? Jupiter is a gas planet that is made up from 90% hydrogen and 10% helium, this means that it has no solid surface; therefore no space craft are able to land there

Fun Fact 6: Jupiter has a cloudy atmosphere; the clouds create a pattern of beautiful streaks and spots in an palette of colors including orange, brown, red and yellow

Fun Fact 7: What is the Great Red Spot? The Great Red Spot is a storm that moves around on planet Jupiter; it measures approximately 40,000 km long and 14,000 wide. The Great Red Spot is clearly visible on the planet

Fun Fact 8: Winds on Jupiter have been measured by space probes; they indicate wind speeds in excess of 500 km per hour

Fun Fact 9: Does the Planet Jupiter have any Moons? Jupiter has more than 60 moons of varying sizes; four of the moons are major moons these are called Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto

Fun Fact 10: The four major moons of Jupiter are known are collectively known as the Galilean moons as they were discovered in 1610 by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei

Fun Fact 11: Space probes have been visiting Jupiter since 1973 when the U.S. spacecraft 'Pioneer 10' became the first probe to reach the planet

Fun Fact 12: Scientists believe that the internal core of Jupiter is solid, rocky and slightly bigger than earth

Fun Fact 13: The surrounding bands of gas clouds account for 77% of Jupiter's mass and measures 17,000 km deep

Fun Fact 14: Jupiter is clearly visible in the night sky with the naked eye; it is the fourth brightest planet in the sky after the Sun, Moon and Venus

Fun Fact 15: There are eight planets in the solar system, an easy way to remember the names of each planet is; 'Many Vegetarians Eat Marvellous Jam Sandwiches Upon Nightfall' The first letter of each word relates to the planet in order from the closest to the sun 'Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune'

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