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Did you know that more than 50% of house dust is made up from dead skin? Did you know that your skin renews itself every 28 days? Did you know that 80% of teenagers suffer from acne at some time? Read the facts sheet to discover more amazing facts and trivia about the human body

Fun Fact 1: What is skin? Skin is a thin stretchy coating that covers our entire body. It protects our insides, keeps infection out, helps to keep our body temperature comfortable and is waterproof!


Fun Fact 2: Your biggest body part is your skin! Approximately 2 square metres of skin covers the surface area of your body

Fun Fact 3: What are the main parts of skin? Your skin consists of two layers, blood vessels, sweat glands, nerves, pores, fat cells and hair follicles

Fun Fact 4: Your skin consists of two main layers; the outer epidermis, the layer we directly see, and underneath the inner dermis

Fun Fact 5: Our thickest epidermis measures 1.5mm deep; it can be found on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet. Our eyelids have the thinnest epidermis measuring just 0.02mm thick

Fun Fact 6: When we get too hot our bodies sweat, the sweat glands in our skin release a fluid called sweat - as the sweat dries it helps to cools us down. We have around 3 million sweat pores on the surface of our skin

Fun Fact 7: Our skin cells are being replaced all of the time; we loose 30,000 - 40,000 cells every minute - that's over 43 million skin cells every day!

Fun Fact 8: Why does my skin go wrinkly in bath water? Because the surface of our skin is dead it absorbs more water, as it absorbs water it increases in size. Wrinkly skin allows for the increase in its surface area

Fun Fact 9: Hairs emerge from the skin from the hair follicles. Each hair has two parts the hair root, which is in the skin follicle and the shaft, the visible part above the skin

Fun Fact 10: Hair keeps us warm and grows through our skin surface - with the exception of our lips, palms of the hands and soles of the feet

Fun Fact 11: 80% teenagers suffer from some kind of acne when they grow up; acne is caused by an over production of  sebaceous oils that block skin follicles

Fun Fact 12: Types of spots, pimples and acne include; Whiteheads - under the surface and very small, Blackheads - visible on the skin's  surface with a small black central core, Papules - usually pink visible small bumps, Pustules - very visible, red at the base, containing pus, Nobules - very visible large, solid pimples and Cysts - very visible, large, painful, red and contain pus

Fun Fact 13: Why do we wrinkle as we age? As we get older elastic fibres and the natural protein collagen reduces in our skin, we also loose fat cells in the skin tissue, this leaves our skin wrinklier than those of a younger age... it come to us all eventually!

Fun Fact 14: Our skin is colored by a substance called melanin. When we get a sun tan it is the melanin that colors our skin. Fair people have less melanin in their skin than darker skinned people

Fun Fact 15: Remember - too much sunlight can damage your skin! When you are out in the sun remember to protect your skin by wearing sun screen and a hat

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