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Do you know the definition of the word face? Did you know that the masseter is the strongest muscle in the human body? Read our facts sheet to discover where the masseter muscle is and learn many fascinating and interesting facts about the human face

Fun Fact 1: What is a face? The face is a word used to describe the front section of a person's head; it is the area from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear

Fun Fact 2: Your face is what makes you 'You', it is a unique combination of features, colours and expressions that is unlike any other person on earth... unless of course you happen to be an identical twin!

Fun Fact 3: Parts of the face include:  hairline, forehead, the brow, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, dimples, lips, mouth, chin and jaw

Fun Fact 4: The structure of a humans face is made up of 14 bones; the ears and nose are made from a bendy flexible tissue called cartilage

Fun Fact 5: There are more than 40 muscles in the face, without them we could not eat, speak, communicate, express feelings or kiss!

Fun Fact 6: Why are lips red? Lips are red because of the number of tiny capillaries that are just below the skins surface. The blood in these capillaries contains lots of oxygen which create the colour red

Fun Fact 7: The masseter is the strongest muscle in the human body, it is the muscle we use to chew; it is capable of pulling up to 80 times its own weight!

Fun Fact 8: Did you know that the indent in the gap between the nose and upper lip has a name? It is called the philtrum

Fun Fact 9: Dogís noses are more sensitive than humans, but a humanís nose is still capable of recording and remembering around 50,000 different smells

Fun Fact 10: The skull is actually made up of 22 sections of bone. The only section of the skull that can move is called the mandible (the jaw bone)

Fun Fact 11: Your ears each contains three bones; malleus, incus and stapes (also called the stirrup). The smallest bone in the human body is situated in the ear; the staples bone (also known as stirrup) measures just  2.8 mm long

Fun Fact 12: Did you know that facial hair grows faster than any other type of body hair? It has been estimated that if a man didn't cut his facial hair, by the end of his lifetime he would have a beard measuring over 30 feet long!

Fun Fact 13: Your eyes are held in place by sockets in your skull called orbits

Fun Fact 14: Your face uses 50% more muscles to frown than to smile; that's a good reason to save energy and smile more!

Fun Fact 15: Why do I have dimples? Dimpled cheeks are sometimes inherited as a family trait and they are usually caused by a shortened muscle. When a person smiles the muscles pull across the skin, shortened muscles can reveal a dimple. Dimples are cute and attractive; a child with dimples often looses them as they get older

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