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Did you know that there are 27 bones in the human hand? Did you know that the arm is the most common bone to break in adults? Did you know that weight for weight bone is stronger than steel? Read our facts sheet to discover some amazing facts and trivia about bones, find out facts sheet about the human skeleton to increase your knowledge of the human body even more!

Fun Fact 1: What are bones? Bones are strong, stiff organs that combined make up the framework of our body; our skeleton

Fun Fact 2: Bones support and protect the important organs in our bodies, they produce red and white blood cells and store essential minerals that our bodies need to remain healthy

Fun Fact 3: How many bones are in the human body?  There are 206 bones in an adult body; together they are called a skeleton

Fun Fact 4: What are bones made of? Bones are made of mineral salts, calcium, proteins, water and tissues

Fun Fact 5: Where is the biggest bone? The biggest bone in our body is our femur. The femur joins the pelvis (hip) to the knee; it is sometimes called the thigh bone. The Femur is also the heaviest bone in the human body

Fun Fact 6: The smallest bone in the human body is situated in the ear; the stapes bone (also known as stirrup) measures just 2.8 mm long

Fun Fact 7: When bones come together they form a joint, this allows movement and flexibility. The names of joints include ball and socket, hinge, pivot and a saddle joint. The saddle joint is only found in the hand

Fun Fact 8: The skull is actually made up of 22 sections of bone. The only section of the skull that can move is called the mandible

Fun Fact 9: How many different types of bone are there in the human body? The human body is made up of five different types of bone: long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid

Fun Fact 10: Examples of different types of bone; long - Humerus (arm) and Tibia (lower leg), Short - Carpals (hand) and Tarsals (foot), Flat - Scapula (shoulder blade) and Cranium (skull), Irregular - Vertebrae (spine) and Mandible (lower jaw), Sesamoid - bones that are usually short or irregular bones and imbedded in a tendon a good example is the Patella (knee cap)

Fun Fact 11: Funny fact! A human has the same number of bones in its neck as a giraffe; they both have seven bones in their neck - the giraffe's neck bones are just a bit longer!

Fun Fact 12: A broken bone is called a fracture. If the bone breaks through the skin the break is called a compound fracture. Fractures can sometimes heal themselves, but severe breaks need pins, screws or plates to fix them

Fun Fact 13: Severely broken bones can take can take many months to heal

Fun Fact 14: Bone is stronger than steel, in fact a steel bar measuring the same dimensions as a bone would weigh around four times heavier!

Fun Fact 15: Our body contains more calcium than any other mineral; if we do not eat enough calcium our bones become weak. Make sure you drink plenty of milk and eat calcium to remain fit and healthy!

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