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Did you know that Grandmothers Day (January 21) and Grandfathers Day (January 22) have been celebrated in Poland since 1965? Did you know that the 1st Australian state to officially celebrate Grandparents Day was Queensland? Read our fun facts sheets and enjoy discovering interesting facts and trivia with your kids and family

Fun Fact 1: What is Grandparents day? Grandparents day is an annual celebration during which paternal and maternal grandparents are honored. The day is celebrated all over the world although not on the same date

Fun Fact 2: When is Grandparents day? The date of Grandparents day varies depending on the county. In America it is celebrated in September on the First Sunday after Labor Day, in the UK it is celebrated on the first Sunday in October

Fun Fact 3: The founder of Grandparents day in America was Marian McQuade from West Virginia. Marian McQuade's ambition was to highlight the importance of seniors and to celebrate their contributions from past to present time

Fun Fact 4: Grandparents day in America originated in West Virginia, the first unofficial celebration was in 1973

Fun Fact 5: The concept of a nominated day to celebrate seniors and Grandparents increased and the holiday became official in 1978. U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed the official resolution establishing Grandparents Day a National holiday

Fun Fact 6: The first official National Grandparents Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1978

Fun Fact 7: The official National Grandparents Day song is "A Song for Grandma and Grandpa" written by Johnny Prill. The song became officially recognized in 2004

Fun Fact 8: The official U.S. National Grandparents Day flower is the forget-me-not

Fun Fact 9: Figure fact - according to U.S. Census data and statistics, one in three adults will be a grandparent in the year 2020!

Fun Fact 10: Popular affectionate nicknames for Grandmothers include; Grandma, Nanny, Nana, and Granny

Fun Fact 11: Popular affectionate nicknames for Grandfathers include; grandpa, Granddad, Papa,  Pop and Poppa. What do you call your Grandparents?

Fun Fact 12: What do I buy for a gift on Grandparents Day? Popular gift and present ideas include; plants, flowers, chocolates, books, luxury foods or a hamper, slippers, hobby related gifts such as gardening, sports or music

Fun Fact 13: Gift experiences are becoming increasingly popular gift choices, ideas include: boat trips, computer lessons, theatre or cinema tickets and magazine subscriptions

Fun Fact 14: What can I make for Grandparents Day for free? Sometimes home crafted items can have more personal value, spoil them with a home made late morning brunch or afternoon tea and cake - take time out and listen to stories of their past!

Fun Fact 15: More home crafting ideas! Why not find some special photos to frame or craft together a book of special messages, pictures, quotes and poems - the time and thought you put into this gift is sure to be a favorite treasured gift for years to come!

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