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Did you know that Wave energy is regarded as a clean energy source? Do you know how waves are produced on our oceans? Read the fact sheet to discover the answer and find out why wave energy is more beneficial than solar energy; and to learn other fascinating facts about this amazing natural energy source.

Fun Fact 1: Waves are formed when the wind blows across the sea.  The wind transfers its energy to the sea and waves are created as a result.

Fun Fact 2: The size (height and length) of the waves, how quickly the waves travel across the sea, and for how long they continue to travel, depends on the strength of the wind and for how long the wind blows.

Fun Fact 3: The power of the waves and how much wave energy is produced depends on the speed of the wind, how long the wind blows the depth of the sea / water density.

Fun Fact 4: Is wave energy a renewable source? Yes! This means it's not going to run out like some other kinds of energy in the future. For example, fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Fun Fact 5: Wave energy is a clean type of energy as it doesn't involve burning which releases harmful chemicals into our atmosphere.

Fun Fact 6: The waves from the sea have the power to create huge amounts of energy, however, wave energy isn't used a great amount across the world at present. Hopefully, it will become a larger part of our future.

Fun Fact 7: Tidal energy and wind energy is not the same thing so take care not to confuse the meanings.

Fun Fact 8: Wave energy is environmentally friendly, greater use of it in the future could mean less use of fossil fuels which can be harmful to our environment.

Fun Fact 9: Wave energy can be used to produce electricity. This production occurs when generators are set up on the surface of the ocean.

Fun Fact 10: At the moment, the power generated from wave energy is used to produce electricity, to pump water into reservoirs and for water desalination which is the removal of salt and other minerals from saline water. Saline water is water which has a high content of dissolvable salts.

Fun Fact 11: Waves can travel very long distances at great speed. They can reach great heights and produce a massive amount of energy.

Fun Fact 12: Wave energy is a fantastic renewable source with great benefits. Satellites can help to predict and measure waves which can help to find the best locations where the greatest energy is produced.

Fun Fact 13: In the colder months, the demand for electricity is greater. Wave energy could help to produce electricity to light and heat homes and businesses.

Fun Fact 14: Waves are usually powerful enough to produce energy which can be turned into electricity.

Fun Fact 15: Some forms of energy, such as solar, are not consistent sources. This is because the sun doesn't shine during night time hours so solar energy is not produced. However, ocean waves are consistent which makes them a reliable energy source.

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