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Did you know that the faster the flow of water, the more energy is produced? Hydropower plants can convert energy from water into electricity.

Fun Fact 1: Water energy is also known as hydro energy or hydropower. The word 'hydro' is a Greek word which means water.

Fun Fact 2: Is water energy renewable? Yes, it is a renewable energy which means it is not going to run out as the natural water cycle will continue; therefore it will be replenished and renewed.

Fun Fact 3: When water is not moving it has potential energy which means that it contains energy but has to move in order to release it.

Fun Fact 4: Moving water has kinetic energy, the faster the flow of water is running, the more energy it produces.

Fun Fact 5: Water energy can be converted to electricity through a hydropower plant.

Fun Fact 6: Hydropower plants can use different forms of water from rivers and oceans to produce electricity. There has to be enough water and it has to be running fast, as the flow must be strong and powerful enough to turn a turbine.

Fun Fact 7: Typically, water energy is produced through a hydropower plant via a dam. A dam is used to block and divert water, preventing it from flowing in its natural direction. The dam is used to guide the water through a pipe, called a penstock, which leads to a turbine. When the dam releases the water, the force and speed in which it flows, turns the turbine, it travels through it and comes out on the other side of the dam back into its original water flow (i.e. river).

Fun Fact 8: The turbine generates electricity when the power of the water (water energy) passes through it.

Fun Fact 9: Electricity from a turbine has many uses including providing power to homes, businesses and power lines.

Fun Fact 10: The fast flow of water used to produce energy doesn't necessarily have to be produced by the use of a dam. Enough speed and volume of water can be provided by the natural current of a river, the waves and tides of our oceans. For example, a hydropower plant could be built close to a powerful waterfall, i.e. the Niagara Falls.

Fun Fact 11: Water energy, and the process it goes through, is a clean source which doesn't pollute our atmosphere or harm our planet.

Fun Fact 12: This type of energy is one of the least expensive. It is cheaper than other processes such as obtaining oil, coal and gas.

Fun Fact 13: One of the largest producers of hydropower in the world is Canada.

Fun Fact 14: The conversion of moving water to electricity requires a large volume (amount) of water. Approximately 18 gallons is required to generate (produce) 1 kWh of electricity at hydropower plants.

Fun Fact 15: This type of energy is one of the oldest forms. It dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians who used to use this form of energy to grind grain.

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