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Did you know that Heat, light and energy are produced at the core (centre) of the Sun? Do you know how long it takes to travel from its core to the surface before it is radiated into our universe? Find out with our fact file and fact sheet.

Fun Fact 1: The sun provides energy to the Earth and gives all living things, creatures and plants light and heat.

Fun Fact 2: Without light and heat from the energy of the sun, we could not survive. There would be no life of Earth.

Fun Fact 3: Sun energy helps plants to grow which in turn provides food to animals and humans. Without the sunlight, we wouldn't have any food to eat!

Fun Fact 4: Sun energy helps plants to produce oxygen which allows humans and animals to breathe. Without oxygen on Earth, we would all die.

Fun Fact 5: Sun energy provides the Earth with natural heat and controls the temperature on Earth. Without sunlight, the planet would be freezing; it would be too cold for plants, animals and humans to survive.

Fun Fact 6: Sun energy impacts the weather conditions on Earth. For example, the heat from sunlight forms clouds and the clouds produce rain. Without rain our oceans, rivers, streams would no longer provide flowing water. Without water, human, animal and plant life would no longer continue.

Fun Fact 7: How long does it take to transfer energy to the Earth? The energy from the sun takes millions of years to reach the sun's surface, however; it is transferred to the Earth in minutes.

Fun Fact 8: Sun energy has many other important functions as the light and heat from sunshine forms solar energy which can be converted to electricity and heat. Solar energy can be used for many things including cooking, heating and drying.

Fun Fact 9: Solar energy is far less harmful to our planet Earth than other fuels such as coal and oil. Solar energy doesn't pollute the environment with harmful chemicals.

Fun Fact 10: Although the sun has produced energy for billions of years, the use of solar power isn't as good as it could potentially be. However, developments are being made all the time and hopefully it will become a huge part of our future for generations to come.

Fun Fact 11: The amount of sun energy we receive on Earth differs across areas, and parts of the world, depending on the amount of daylight, the seasons, and of course, the weather conditions and climate. The sun will produce more energy to the Earth surface on a clear day than a foggy or cloudy day.

Fun Fact 12: We can all save money by making use of sun energy. For example, we could put our clothes out to dry in the sunshine rather than using a tumble dryer or hanging them to dry on centrally heated radiators.

Fun Fact 13: Sun energy is very important in all countries, but in particular poorer countries as they can use it for cooking, heating and drying.

Fun Fact 14: The Sun is approximately 93 millions miles away from the Earth and it is by far the biggest thing in the solar system. In fact, our Earth could easily fit inside the Sun a millions times. Astronauts cannot visit the Sun as it is too hot. The temperature on the surface is approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Fun Fact 15: Heat, light and energy are produced at the core (centre) of the Sun. This energy takes millions of year to reach the surface but when it does, it radiates out into the universe, onto our Earth, in around eight minutes!

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