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Did you know that radiant energy sources can be found naturally within our environment as it is produced by sunlight as well as other various ways; read the facts sheet to learn about them and see what new information you will discover today.

Fun Fact 1: Radiant energy is transmitted by waves or particles, it usually travels by electromagnetic waves.

Fun Fact 2: What are electromagnetic waves used for? Microwaves, X-rays and light are some good examples of the way we use electromagnet waves.

Fun Fact 3: Radiant energy is produced naturally. It can be visible or invisible to the human eye.

Fun Fact 4: Who discovered radiant energy? Radiant energy was discovered in the late 1800s by a British chemist and physicist known as Sir William Crookes.

Fun Fact 5: The unit of measurement used for measuring radiant energy is called joules.

Fun Fact 6: What can produce radiant energies? Anything which has a temperature can produces radiant energies, providing its temperature is different to the absolute zero.

Fun Fact 7: Sunlight produces radiant energy. The speed of light is quicker than any other speed including sound.

Fun Fact 8: Radiant Energies travel only in a direct line.

Fun Fact 9: Radiant Energy can pass through many types of matter including gaseous, liquid and solids.

Fun Fact 10: Radiant Energy can be absorbed, transmitted or reflected. It will be reflected when an object is unable to absorb the radiant energy.

Fun Fact 11: Radiant Energy does not require matter in order to be transmitted. It can even travel in a vacuum environment.

Fun Fact 12: Radiant Energy is a form of kinetic energy. The definition of kinetic is the energy produced when an object is in motion. This is a moving energy type, it is not still.

Fun Fact 13: Life on earth would no longer exist without radiant energy. It is an absolute requirement for the survival of living things.

Fun Fact 14: Radiant Energy can be used in telecommunications, heating, lighting and many other important processes.

Fun Fact 15: Examples of radiant energy; some good examples of radiant energy production include the heat produced from a campfire, the conversion of solar energy to heat, microwaves, X-rays and mobiles phones.

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