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Do you know the definition of Light Energy? Did you know that plants convert it into food? Did you know that the Sun's ray will pass through some materials and reflect off others? Our fact file will teach kids interesting facts and information about the importance of energies and what would happen to the Earth and all its living things without it.

Fun Fact 1: Light energy is visible to the human eye. This is the only type of energy which is visible. Light rays have different colours. This is because some wavelengths are long than others.

Fun Fact 2: The biggest source of light energy comes from the Sun. Although the Sun is millions of miles away, it transfers an incredible amount of energy to our planet.

Fun Fact 3: The speed of light is approximately 300,000 kilometres per second. This is faster than the speed of anything else!

Fun Fact 4: The light energy which the Earth receives from the Sun has many effects - without it the human race, all living creatures and plants would be unable to survive.

Fun Fact 5: Plants absorb light energy; they use it to make food. Without sunlight, plants would not survive.

Fun Fact 6: Humans and animals would be unable to see anything without light energy. It's because of light that we have the sense of sight.

Fun Fact 7: There are other sources of light besides sunlight. The light bulb in a torch or the bulbs used in lamps and for lighting our homes generally run off electricity and they provide us with light energy.

Fun Fact 8: Light energy travels in a straight line. It will pass through some materials such as glass as glass is transparent. However, it will bounce off other materials which are not transparent. When the light rays bend, this is known as refraction.

Fun Fact 9: Nothing else travels faster than the speed of light. As this type of energy travels in straight lines, its journey is much quicker.

Fun Fact 10: The Sun provides light energy which is absorbed by solar panels. When the panels are set up properly, they can absorb enough sunlight to power an entire building!

Fun Fact 11: The light energy from the sun provides our Earth with heat and controls its temperatures. Without heat our planet would be too cold for us to continue living!

Fun Fact 12: The light energy from the Sun can also be dangerous. For example, if our skin is over-exposed to sunlight it can burn. Over-exposure to sunlight can also lead to skin cancer. This is why it is very important to use plenty of sun-cream when we our out in the Sun.

Fun Fact 13: Light energy can be so bright that it can damage our eyes if we do not take precautions. For example, it is important to protect our eyes from strong sunlight. We can help to do this by wearing sunglasses and avoiding looking directly at the Sun.

Fun Fact 14: Light energy reflects off surfaces. It even reflects off the moon! Moonlight is not produced directly by the moon. The Sun shines on the moon and the light is reflected back to Earth!

Fun Fact 15: Light energy can be converted into other types of energy such as solar and chemical.

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