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Did you know the definition of Air Energy? Energy from air is produced when the air is in motion; the stronger the wind, the greater the amount of energy is created. This new energy source can be used to create electricity which can light, heat and power entire buildings.

Fun Fact 1: The definition of air: an invisible mixture which consists mainly of oxygen and nitrogen. It surrounds our Earth, creating an atmosphere. Wind is created when the air moves. The air needs to move to produce energy.

Fun Fact 2: How wind is created from air? The surface of Earth is heated by sunlight, different parts of the surface become hotter than others. For example, the land will become hotter more quickly than the water. Above the land, air is hotter than above the sea. Hot air rises which means that the air above land rises faster and higher, and when it does so, the air above the water moves in and takes its place - this is how wind is created from air.

Fun Fact 3: The cycle of the wind: the air moves in various directions depending on the temperature on the Earth's surface. Air above the planets waters travels across the land and replaces air which has risen. During the night, the opposite happens, because the air temperature above land cools more quickly than across the water.

Fun Fact 4: Atmospheric winds and air movement: atmospheric winds are formed around the Earth because the Sun heats land nearer the equator faster than land closer to the North and South Poles.

Fun Fact 5: What is the main form of energy produced by air and wind? Electricity is the main form of energy that is created from air and wind energy

Fun Fact 6: Did you know that air speed varies across the world? Different countries have different airspeeds and these vary depending on the seasons. This impacts how much air energy is produced as stronger winds at higher speeds will produce more energy.

Fun Fact 7: Windmills, wind machines and wind turbines produce electricity from air energy otherwise referred to as the wind. Turbine is the name used in reference to large modern day windmills that operate to produce electricity.

Fun Fact 8: Wind turbines can be massive in size; normally they have three blades and can stand as tall as 20 buildings or more! The blades can rotate very fast, so fast they can reach speeds of around 200 miles (320 km) per hour.

Fun Fact 9: Homes and businesses can be completely powered by air energy and the electricity generated from turbines.

Fun Fact 10: The air can move so fast that it turns the huge blades of a turbine. When the blades rotate, they turn a generator which then converts the energy into electricity.

Fun Fact 11: The turbine system is controlled by clever computer systems which allow us to direct the blades so they match the flow of air.

Fun Fact 12: Is air energy is a renewable source? Yes, it is a renewable source! Air is always present and the temperature of the Earth's surface will always differ. Therefore, winds will continue to form and provide us with a renewable source of energy that will not run out.

Fun Fact 13: Air energy can power other things. It doesn't necessarily have to go through a turbine first. For example, it can move the sails on a sailing boat causing it to move across water. Wind mills can produce energy to grind grains into flour.

Fun Fact 14: Wind farms (groups of turbines) can be created on floating structures off shore. When the flow of air generates electricity, it can be transferred back to land via cables under the sea.

Fun Fact 15: The history of using wind energy dates back many centuries. Early uses included pumping water with the use of watermills and grinding grain with the aid of windmills.

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