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Did you know that water covers two thirds of our planet? Did you know that it is even in the air we breathe? You may know that a human is made up of 67% water, but did you know that is the same amount a mouse? Discover many more fun fast facts with our fun for kids facts sheet

Fun Fact 1: What is Water? It is a transparent liquid that has no color, smell or taste. It is the basis of all living things. It is made up of two scientific elements hydrogen and oxygen; its chemical formula is H2O

Fun Fact 2: There are two different types; salt water and fresh water. Most of the world’s fresh water is frozen; the ice that covers the Arctic Ocean is made from freshwater, however the large majority (approximately 97%) of the world’s water's is salt water

Fun Fact 3: Why is water important? It is important because no animal or plant can survive without water, without it our world would not exist!

Fun Fact 4: The name water cycle is given to describe the movement of water around the earth; the cycle is made up of 5 scientific elements: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration and surface runoff

Fun Fact 5: Brief explanation of the water cycle: ...the sun warms the water, the water turns into gas which rises into the sky, raindrops fall from the sky, the rain flows into rivers, oceans and seas, the sun warms the water...

Fun Fact 6: What is water pollution? It is the contamination of water at source; seas, oceans, rivers, lake, reservoirs and wells. Water pollution is considered to be the biggest cause of deaths and diseases worldwide. Examples pollution causes include; chemicals, detergents, food waste, insecticides, gasoline, oil, fertilisers, garbage and sewage bacteria

Fun Fact 7: How do we get drinking water? The water that we drink originated from either surface water (rivers, lake or reservoirs) or groundwater (a well). Water is filter, cleaned and treated with chemicals to kill dangerous germs and improve the quality before travelling through water pipes (mains) to reach our homes

Fun Fact 8: Modern homes are connected to public systems that supply us with water that is safe to use, however millions of people in the world have no access to safe water. In some countries people need to walk to pump water from the local well or river; even then it may not be safe to drink

Fun Fact 9: More than approximately 780 million people lack access to clean water on Earth today; which is more than double the population of the whole of America!

Fun Fact 10: To stay healthy experts recommend that we drink 2 litres of fresh H2O every day

Fun Fact 11: We use large amounts of water every day in the home, from drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing and gardening; it is estimated that we used approximately 250 litres every day

Fun Fact 12: Approximately 30% of the total water use in our homes is used by flushing the toilets. Modern dual flush toilets generally use 4-6 litres per flush, older style toilets use up to a whopping 13 litres of water!

Fun Fact 13: Water is the only substance that can be found in three forms: liquid (e.g. to drink), gas (e.g. to breathe) and solid (e.g. ice)

Fun Fact 14: Animals need water too! A dairy cow that produces milk for us will drink about 30-50 gallons (135 - 230 litres) a day - now that's a lot of fluid! Always make sure that your pet has plenty of fresh H2O available!

Fun Fact 15: When your body has not had enough water it is called being dehydrated. If you do not drink enough your body slows down and your brain may not work as effectively, you may have a headache of start to feel unwell. Food and other fluids contains water, however you should always make sure you drink plenty of fresh H2O to keep yourself healthy, active and hydrated - FACT!

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