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Did you know that more animals live in our forests than anywhere else on earth? Did you know that the forests are home to over 50% of the world's plant and animal population? Did you know that around 2,000 trees per minute are being removed from our forests? Read our fun facts sheet about the different types of forests and learn new information about them. Our facts sheets cover lots of topics about earth including information about rainforest animals; why not take a look at our other sections to discover many more interesting fun facts?

Fun Fact 1: What is a forest? The word forest dates back to the late 13th century; it is a word used to describe a densely tree-covered area

Fun Fact 2: There are three main types of forest on planet earth; they are called tropical forests, temperate forests and boreal forests

Fun Fact 3: A tropical forest is commonly called a rainforest. Rainforests can be described as a dense warm, wet, woodland area that has regular heavy rainfall each year; more than 80 inches of rain in twelve months. Rainforests are found near the equator; they can be found in South America, Africa and Southern Asia

Fun Fact 4: Temperate forests are much cooler in temperature than a rainforest. They can be found along the Pacific coast of the USA and Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania, Chile and Europe

Fun Fact 5: Boreal forests can be found in the coldest of climates, they usually consist of evergreen trees. They can be found Canada, North America, Northern Europe and Russia

Fun Fact 6: The largest forest in the world is the boreal forest, also known as the Taiga (pronounced tiger) it can found throughout the high northern latitudes of earth

Fun Fact 7: The types of animal that you will find in a boreal forest can include: moose, elk, reindeer, bear, beaver, wolf, weasel, otter, salamanders and frogs

Fun Fact 8: The types of animals that you will find in a temperate forest can include: puma (mountain lion) bear, gray wolf, elk (deer), Siberian tiger, snow leopard, kangaroo and wombat

Fun Fact 9: Forests that surround the earth's equator are classed as tropical rainforests. Types of animal that you will find in a tropical rainforest include: chimpanzee, gorilla, Indian cobra, orangutan, jaguar, monkey, leopard, parrot, iguana and the tree frog

Fun Fact 10: More animals live in our forests than anywhere else on earth! During the winter time some of the animals in boreal and temperate forests hibernate (sleep), others may migrate (move to a warmer climate)

Fun Fact 11: Forests are populated by trees that create canopies of different heights, which are sometimes called strata's. The different forest levels provide habitats for different types of animals and plants

Fun Fact 12: Insects are the only creature that lives in every zone of the forests. Forests contain more small animals than large and more vegetarians (planet eaters) than carnivores (meat eaters)

Fun Fact 13: What is deforestation? Deforestation is when areas of forest are removed for non-forest purposes. In most cases the forest that is being removed is not being replanted and the forests of the world are being removed at an alarming rate!

Fun Fact 14: Why is deforestation taking place? There are many reasons why the forests are being destroyed these include clearing for agriculture and farming, for the wood that the forests provide to make furniture, timber and paper and to clear the way for new roads and houses

Fun Fact 15: Are the forests on earth endangered? Yes! Over 50% of the planets forests have already been destroyed - it has been estimated that a forest area the size of two football fields was being destroyed every second! Deforestation rates have reduced slightly in recent years, conservation and protection has rapidly increased to help preserve some destruction, however many species of animals will face a risk of extinction if deforestation continues at such an alarming rate

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