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Did you know that Venus Williams holds the record for fastest serve struck by a female tennis player? Do you know what speed she achieved? Do you know how many Olympic gold metals she has won? Find out the answers to all these interesting questions below.

Fun Fact 1 Venus Williams was born June 17th, 1980 in Lynwood, California in the United States of America. Her middle names are Ebony Starr.

Fun Fact 2 Venus Williams is a famous professional tennis player. She is American and she lives in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

Fun Fact 3: Venus Williams is an outstanding tennis player. She was the first black American female to achieve World No. 1 during the Open Era. She achieved this on February 25th, 2002.

Fun Fact 4: Venus Williams has a famous sister called Serena, she is also a professional tennis player with incredible skill.

Fun Fact 5: Venus Williams has won many medals for her outstanding achievements. She has won four Olympic gold medals! Together, with her sister Serena, the Williams sisters have won more Olympic gold medals than any female tennis star.

Fun Fact 6: There are only three Women's Tennis Association (WTA) players who have made all 4 Grand Slams; Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Venus Williams is one of the professional female tennis players to achieve this along with her sister Serena and Maria Sharapova.

Fun Fact 7: Venus Williams broke a record in 2008 during the Zurich Open, she holds the fastest serve by a female tennis player in a main draw event. She achieved a speed of 209.2 km/h (130 mph).

Fun Fact 8: Venus Williams was fourteen years of age when she began playing tennis professionally. She played her first professional tournament in 1994 in Oakland.

Fun Fact 9: Venus Williams, along with her sister and mother, are practicing Jehovah Witnesses. Although the sisters do not vote, they have shown their support for President Obama.

Fun Fact 10: Venus Williams trained for 2 hours per day with her sister Serena when they were small children. The sisters were coached by their father.

Fun Fact 11: Venus Williams has suffered many wrist injuries including tendinitis during the first part of 2000. Tendinitis can be described as the inflammation of a tendon.

Fun Fact 12: In 2007 the pay rules for Wimbledon were changed. This was instigated by Venus Williams who claimed that Wimbledon were on the wrong side of history. Before 2007, male tennis players were paid more than female players. This rule was changed and equal prize money was awarded to all competitors in all rounds.

Fun Fact 13: In 2007, Venus Williams won the Wimbledon tournament. As the rules had been changed in favor of paying equal prize money to all competitors, no matter what their gender, Venus received the same amount as Roger Federer, the male winner.

Fun Fact 14: Venus Williams' sister was killed in 2003. The tragedy left the family grief stricken and deeply saddened. They issued this statement, "We are extremely shocked, saddened and devastated by the shooting death of our beloved Yetunde. She was our nucleus and our rock. She was a personal assistant, confidante, and adviser to her sisters, and her death leaves a void that can never be filled. Our grief is overwhelming, and this is the saddest day of our lives."

Fun Fact 15: Venus Williams achieved an associate degree in 2007 in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She has an interior design company called V Starr Interiors.

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