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Did you know that O.J. Simpson was nicknamed The Juice? Did you know that the nickname is in fact a shortened name for Orange Juice? Do you know where this American Football Player was raised and which university he won an athletic scholarship for? Find out the answers in our kids facts below.

Fun Fact 1 O.J. Simpson's full name is Orenthal James Simpson, he was born in San Francisco, California in the United States of America on July 9th, 1947.

Fun Fact 2 O.J. OJ Simpson is a famous retired American footballer. After retiring from American football, he became a broadcaster and actor.

Fun Fact 3: O.J. Simpson achieved a record in 1973 when he became the first NFL footballer to rush for over 2000 years in one 14 game season. In 1978, the rules were changed by NFL and one season has since consisted of 16 games). NFL stands for National Football League.

Fun Fact 4: In 1985, O.J. Simpson was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This hall of fame was established in 1963 for professional football in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 5: In 1994, O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered along with an American waiter called Ronald Goldman. O.J. Simpson was arrested and put under criminal investigation.

Fun Fact 6: The O.J. Simpson Case was a criminal trial which followed his arrest for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole, and waiter, Ronald Goldman. This particular case was one of the most publicized trials in the history of America.

Fun Fact 7: O.J. Simpson was married to Nicole Brown for approximately seven years. They became married on February 2nd, 1985 and later had two children called Sydney Brooke and Justin Ryan.

Fun Fact 8: O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. This means that as far as criminal law is concerned, he was free from the charge of the offense.

Fun Fact 9: After committing various crimes, including kidnapping and armed robbery, O.J. Simpson was sent to prison at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. His sentence, which began in 2008, was 33 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 9 years without parole.

Fun Fact 10: O.J. Simpson's mother was called Eunice, she was a hospital administrator. His father was called Jimmy Lee and he was a chef. He has two siblings, a brother called Melvin Leon 'Truman' and a sister called Carmelita (now deceased).

Fun Fact 11: O.J. Simpson's first name is Orenthal which was a name given to him by his Aunt after a French actor. He is also nicknamed 'The Juice' which is an abbreviation for Orange Juice (deriving from his initials OJ).

Fun Fact 12: O.J. Simpson was raised by his mother from the age of five following the separation of his parents. He was raised in San Francisco in the housing projects of the Potrero Hill neighborhood. When he was a young teenager, he became a gang member. He belonged to the Persian Warriors.

Fun Fact 13: O.J. Simpson played running back at the University of Southern California. This is the university he attended after winning an athletic scholarship.

Fun Fact 14: O.J. Simpson's best performance as an American football player was during the Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions game on November 25th, 1976. He rushed 273 yards on 29 attempts and scored 2 touchdowns.

Fun Fact 15: O.J. Simpson also had an acting career. He appeared in various movies including The Naked Gun, Back to the Beach, Capricorn One and The Towering Inferno.

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