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Did you know that Jim Brown is really called James? Do you know where he was born? Do you know what records he holds? Do you know which club he is a member of or what his parents were called? Find out all the answers in our fun facts for kids below.

Fun Fact 1 Jim Brown's birth name was James Nathaniel Brown. He was born February 17th, 1936 in St Simons, Georgia in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2 Jim Brown is a famous American professional footballer and actor. He is known across the world for his successful career and outstanding sporting achievements.

Fun Fact 3: Jim Brown played football professionally for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. He had a nine year career which began in 1957 as a running back; a position of the offensive backfield. NFL stands for National Football League.

Fun Fact 4: Jim Brown's performance on the field has been so incredible that Sporting News credited him in 2002 as being 'the greatest professional football player ever'.

Fun Fact 5: Jim Brown is a tall man, his height measures 6 ft 2 inches which is equivalent to 1.88 meters. His weight is approximately 232 lb.

Fun Fact 6: Jim Brown's parents were called Swinton and Theresa. His father was a professional boxer and his mother was a domestic. Although he was born in Georgia, he later moved to New York.

Fun Fact 7: Jim Brown attended a secondary school in New York called Manhasset School. He played a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, running track and football. The school recognized his sporting abilities.

Fun Fact 8: Jim Brown continued his education at Syracuse University in New York. He played American football and he became the team's 2nd leading rusher. He achieved records for the university including the most rushing touchdowns in one game and the highest season rush average.

Fun Fact 9: Jim Brown is a member of The Pigskin Club of Washington, D.C., Inc. which was founded in 1938 and aims to improve relationships between people interested in football.

Fun Fact 10: The following information provides an overview of Jim Brown's career statistics: Rushing yards 12,312, Rushing average 5.2, Receptions 262, Receiving yards 2,499.

Fun Fact 11: Jim Brown has earned many awards during his career in American football including NFL awards for Rookie of the year in 1957, MVP, Champion and Rushing Champion.

Fun Fact 12: Jim Brown is also a successful actor. His acting career began in 1964 when he appeared in a movie called Rio Conchos as a Buffalo Soldier. He has starred in many films since including The Dirty Dozen, Pacific Inferno and Mars Attacks!

Fun Fact 13: Jim Brown received eight NFL Rushing Champion awards. He earned these awards for eight consecutive years from the year of 1957.

Fun Fact 14: In 1971, Jim Brown was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is a hall of fame in the United States for professional football players. Only the most successful players are inducted.

Fun Fact 15: Jim Brown holds a number of NFL records including highest career touchdowns per game average, most games with 4 or more touchdowns in a career, highest career rushing yards per game average.

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