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Did you know that this super talented black American male is a famous movie actor and singer/songwriter? Do you know why he decided to call himself Jamie Foxx? Find out the answers to all these interesting questions in our facts section below.

Fun Fact 1 Jamie Fox is not the birth name of this famous American man. His name at birth was Eric Marlon Bishop.

Fun Fact 2 Jamie Fox was born December 13th, 1967 in Terrell, Texas in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 3: Jamie Fox is a successful American actor, stand-up comedian, singer and songwriter. He is multi-talented!

Fun Fact 4: Jamie Fox is a professional musician; he has produced hit songs including Blame It, Winner, Just Like Me, Heaven, Can I Take U Home and Speak French.

Fun Fact 5: Jamie Fox has produced various albums including Unpredictable, Best Night of My Life and Intuition. All of these album titles made the Billboard 200.

Fun Fact 6: In 2004, Jamie Fox starred in a movie called Ray. His role achieved him a BAFTA Award and Academy Award for Best Actor.

Fun Fact 7: Jamie Fox has been credited for his musical talents. He received four Grammy Award nominations in 2006 for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best R&B Album for his album called Unpredictable.

Fun Fact 8: Jamie Foxx has starred in many hit movies including White House Down, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Horrible Bosses, Rio and Rio 2, Valentine's Day, Toys and The Truth About Cats & Dogs.

Fun Fact 9: Jamie Foxx wasn't raised by his birth parents. He was adopted by his mother's adoptive parents who raised him in Terrell. His upbringing was strict.

Fun Fact 10: Jamie Foxx was musically talented from a young age. He was leader of the choir at New Hope Baptist Church in Terrell and he was also a part-time pianist. He started playing piano when he was just five years old.

Fun Fact 11: Jamie Foxx was a natural joke teller and people found him funny. He began telling jokes when he was at school. These jokes would later develop into a career in stand-up comedy.

Fun Fact 12: Jamie Foxx did well at school and he achieved top grades. He attended Terrell High School where he enjoyed playing football and basketball.

Fun Fact 13: Jamie Fox continued his education at university, studying classical music and composition, as he was given a scholarship to United States International University.

Fun Fact 14: The stage name Jamie Foxx derived from his stand-up days at comedy club's open mic night. He began attending these nights in 1989 and felt that women were usually asked to perform first. He thought the name might help him. The surname was a credit to the comedian Redd Foxx.

Fun Fact 15: Jamie Foxx has two children born in 1994 and 2009. Their names are Corinne Bishop and Annalise.

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