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Did you know that Jackie Robinson had a brother who was an athlete? Did you know that he was the youngest of five children? Do you know where he was raised and which high school he attended? Check out our fun facts for kids below to discover the answers to these interesting questions and much, much more.

Fun Fact 1 Jackie Robinson's birth name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson. He was born January 31st, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2 Jackie Robinson was a famous American baseball player who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956. He began his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers at first base.

Fun Fact 3: Jackie Robinson had some excellent career highlights and won many awards for his incredible performance as a baseball player.

Fun Fact 4: Here are some of Jackie Robinson's statistics: Batting average .311, Hits: 1,518, Home runs: 137, Runs batted in: 734, Stolen bases: 197

Fun Fact 5: Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in MLB in history. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. Before this time, racial segregation had occurred. Jackie Robinson played a major part in the history of baseball by bringing various races together.

Fun Fact 6: Jackie Robinson had exceptional skill, he was an incredibly talented baseball player. He played in 6 World Series in over 10 seasons.

Fun Fact 7: Jackie Robinson received many awards during his career in baseball. Some of the awards he received include the National League Most Valuable Player in 1949, and the MLB Rookie of the Year Award in 1947.

Fun Fact 8: Jackie Robinson had four siblings called Edgar, Frank, Matthew and Wilda Mae. He was the youngest member of the family and his parents were called Jerry and Mallie.

Fun Fact 9: Jackie Robinson's middle name was Roosevelt. This derived from the former President of America who passed away a few weeks before he was born.

Fun Fact 10: Jackie Robinson was very young when his parents separated. His mother, Mallie, relocated the family to 121 Pepper Street in Pasadena where she did a number of jobs to keep the family going.

Fun Fact 11: Jackie Robinson was raised in an affluent area, however, his family didn't have a lot of money so this limited his opportunities. He joined a gang but luckily one of his friends managed to convince him to leave.

Fun Fact 12: Jackie Robinson's older brother Matthew was nicknamed Mack, he was also a successful sportsman. He achieved a silver Olympic medal at the Summer Olympics in 1936.

Fun Fact 13: Jackie Robinson attended John Muir High School, also known as Muir Tech, from 1935. His athletic talent was becoming clear and his older brothers encouraged him to pursue it. He enjoyed several types of sport including track, baseball, football, tennis and basketball.

Fun Fact 14: Jackie Robinson was awarded for his outstanding service to John Muir High School. He was one of the students named to the Muir High School's Order of the Mast and Dagger.

Fun Fact 15: Jackie Robinson passed away on October 24th, 1972 at his home in Connecticut. He was only 53 years of age but he had suffered from diabetes and heart disease which eventually led to a heart attack. He was buried at Cypress Hills Cemetery in New York next to his mother-in-law and his son.

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