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Did you know that this famous American singer and actress was actually called Marie when she was born? Did you know that she once belonged to a group called The Gospelaires? Find out how many siblings this famous artist had and what her parents did for a living.

Fun Fact 1 Dionne Warwick was born on December 12th, 1940 in East Orange, New Jersey in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2 Dionne was the middle name of this famous American lady. Her birth name was actually Marie Dionne Warrick.

Fun Fact 3: Dionne Warwick is a well known American woman who is a famous singer, actress and television show host.

Fun Fact 4: Dionne Warwick has produced fabulous hit songs which are known through out the world. Some of her most famous songs include I Say a Little Prayer, Walk On By, Do You Know the Way to San Jose, I'll Never Fall in Love Again.

Fun Fact 5: Dionne Warwick is known as the second most-charted female vocalist of all time. Between the years of 1962 and 1998, a total of 69 songs by this fabulous singer made the Billboard Hot 100. The first most-charted female vocalist is Aretha Franklin.

Fun Fact 6: Dionne Warwick's parents were also musically gifted. Her mother was the manager of The Drinkard Singers and her father had various jobs including being record promoter for Chess Records.

Fun Fact 7: Dionne Warwick had two siblings. Her sister 'Dee Dee' was an American soul singer, she passed away in 2008. Her brother was sadly killed at the age of 21 in an accident.

Fun Fact 8: Dionne Warwick often joined The Drinkard Singers along with her mother 'Lee' who managed the group.

Fun Fact 9: Dionne Warwick has had a  love for music since she was very young. She joined the gospel choir at New Hope Baptist Church in New Jersey and sang her own solo when she was just six years old.

Fun Fact 10: Dionne Warwick was awarded a scholarship in Music Education when she graduated from in 1959 from East Orange High School. She continued her studies at Hartt College of Music in Connecticut and earned herself a masters degree.

Fun Fact 11: Before achieving success as a solo artist, Dionne Warwick, along with her sister Dee Dee (Delia), was a member of a group called The Gospelaires. The group went on to be very successful backing singers to famous artists such as The Drifters, Chuck Jackson and Ben E. King.

Fun Fact 12: Dionne Warwick released an autobiography about her life. It is called 'My Life, as I See It.

Fun Fact 13: Dionne Warwick had her first solo single released in the year 1962 by Scepter Records. It was called 'Don't Make Me Over'. The single was followed by 'This Empty Place' and 'Make The Music Play'.

Fun Fact 14: Dionne Warwick released a song in 1964 which would become an international hit and give her fame across the world. The hit song was called 'Walk On By'.

Fun Fact 15: Dionne Warwick had a cousin who was also a famous singer; her name was Whitney Houston, Whitney sadly passed away in 2012.

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