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Did you know that Danny Glover is an activist? Did you know that his middle name is Lebern? Do you know how old he is or where he was born and raised? Find out the answers to all these interesting questions and learn more about this famous star of the movies with our fact file of information below.

Fun Fact 1 Danny Glover's first name is Daniel, his middle name is Lebern and he was born July 22nd, 1946.

Fun Fact 2 Danny Glover was born and raised in San Francisco in the United States of America where he attended George Washington High School and continued his studies at San Francisco State University.

Fun Fact 3: Danny Glover is a successful American actor and movie director. He is recognized around the globe for being a huge star of the movies. He is also a political activist.

Fun Fact 4: Danny Glover has starred in many big hit movies including children's movies such as Disney's Angels in the Outfield, Operation Dumbo Drop, and Alpha and Omega. He has also starred in many action movies including Lethal Weapon and Shooter. One of the films that he is most recognized for is The Color Purple.

Fun Fact 5: Danny Glover is also a successful director, as well as a film actor. His first directorial debut was a short, science fiction film called Override. This was an American film which was produced in 1994.

Fun Fact 6: Danny Glover's parents are called Carrie and James. They were both postal workers who worked hard towards the battle for equal rights. They were part of the NAACP which stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Fun Fact 7: Danny Glover furthered his education at San Francisco State University. Although he didn't graduate, he later earned an honorary degree. He studied and trained at the American Conservatory Theatre at the Black Actors' Workshop.

Fun Fact 8: Danny Glover was part of the longest student strike in the history of the United States of America. When he was studying at university, he became a member of the Black Students Union. The walkout was led by students who wanted a Department for Black Studies. The strike continued for approximately five months.

Fun Fact 9: Danny Glover has been known for openly expressing his opinions. He has been part of protests in the past which have led to his arrest. He is very enthusiastic and makes great efforts towards achieving equal rights. He is a board member for The Black AIDS Institute and The Jazz Foundation of America. He has supported United Farm Workers and various service unions.

Fun Fact 10: Danny Glover spoke openly of his opinion following the Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010. He blamed global warming and made reference to the failing of the Copenhagen summit which was a United Nations Climate Change Conference held in 2009. Danny pointed out that this type of devastation could occur at any time in the Caribbean.

Fun Fact 11: One of Danny Glover's first roles in a highly successful film was his part in Escape from Alcatraz in 1979. This was a movie based on a true story. Danny played the part of an inmate. He starred alongside Clint Eastward, Patrick McGoohan and Fred Ward.

Fun Fact 12: Danny Glover has received many awards for his outstanding achievements as an actor. Some of the awards he has earned include CableACE Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Independent Spirit Award, Jamerican International Film Festival and an MTV Movies Award.

Fun Fact 13: Danny Glover has starred in over 80 hit films since his acting career began. Some of his latest movie appearances and productions are Monster Trucks, Scout and Toussaint.

Fun Fact 14: Danny Glover married Asake Bomani in 1975. They separated in 2000 and he later remarried to Eliane Cavalleiro in 2009.

Fun Fact 15: Danny Glover suffered with epilepsy during his adolescent years, however, he experienced his last seizure at the age of 35.

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