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Did you know that Bill Russell won eleven National Basketball Association championships during his career? Did you know that he moved to Oakland in California when he was eight years old? Find out more fascinating facts about this African American basketball player with the facts sheet below.

Fun Fact 1 Bill Russell's first name is William and his middle name is Felton. He was born on February 12th, 1934 in West Monroe, Louisiana in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2 Bill Russell is a famous American basketball player who is recognized for his outstanding sporting achievements during his career, he has since retired from the game.

Fun Fact 3: Bill Russell played for the Boston Celtics of the NBA. NBA stands for National Basketball Association. He began his career with the Boston Celtics in 1956 and left in 1969.

Fun Fact 4: Bill Russell received many awards during his career in basketball for his incredible talent including NBA Most Valuable Player. He was awarded five times with this title.

Fun Fact 5: Bill Russell won eleven National Basketball Association championships during his career with the Boston Celtics. This led him to achieve a record for the most championships won by an athlete in a North American sports league. He holds this record alongside Henri Richards (hockey player).

Fun Fact 6: Bill Russell was the first African American basketball player to reach superstar status in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Fun Fact 7: Bill Russell won a gold Olympic medal during the Summer Olympics held in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia. He was captain of the United States national basketball team.

Fun Fact 8: If you're wondering how tall Bill Russell is then it's fair to say that he is very tall! His height measures approximately 6ft 9in to 6ft 10in which is equivalent to 2.06 to 2.08 meters - an ideal size for basketball!

Fun Fact 9: Bill Russell was the first African American basketball coach for the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was a player and coach for the Boston Celtics for three seasons between the years of 1966 - 1969.

Fun Fact 10: Bill Russell began his basketball career with the Boston Celtics in 1956. He played Center position.

Fun Fact 11: Bill Russell didn't just play basketball, he was also a coach. He coached the Seattle SuperSonics from 1973 to 1977 and Sacramento Kings from 1987 to 1988.

Fun Fact 12: Bill Russell was raised in Louisiana until he was eight years old. Sadly, his family suffered acts of racism against them so they moved to Oakland in California.

Fun Fact 13: Bill Russell's father was called Charlie, he worked in a paper factory and later as a trucker. His mother was called Katie, she unfortunately passed away when he was just 12 years of age and he was raised by his father.

Fun Fact 14: Bill Russell was encouraged by George Powles who recognized his athletic ability. George Powles was a basketball coach at McClymonds High School in Oakland, California.

Fun Fact 15: Bill Russell had his break from a life where he experienced poverty and racism when a recruiter for the University of San Francisco offered him a scholarship after watching him play a game of basketball and recognizing his talent.

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