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Did you know that the area of zoology devoted to fish and sharks is called Ichthyology? Did you know the great white shark is the most well know of all the sharks on earth? Did you know that the film ‘Jaws’ is based on a real life event? The original event took place in 1916 on the New Jersey coastline when a shark attack killed four people

Fun Fact 1: The Whale shark is the largest shark in the world and can grow up to 40 feet (over 12 meters) long

Fun Fact 2: There are around 350 species (types) of shark, but scientists believe that there still more to find, they just need to be discovered

Fun Fact 3: The smallest shark in the world is the Dwarf shark and can be as small as a human hand

Fun Fact 4: Some species of shark can last more than 3 months without the need to eat food

Fun Fact 5: It is impossible for sharks to get cancer; their body cells are now being used to create anti-cancer drugs

Fun Fact 6: The Megamouth shark is the rarest bread of shark. It was first discovered in 1976 and since then it has been seen less than sixty times

Fun Fact 7: The Blue shark is the fastest species; it can reach speeds up to 43mph (70kph)

Fun Fact 8: Scientist believe the Whale shark can live over 150 years, making it one of the longest living animals on earth

Fun Fact 9: The jaws of a shark can be as twice as powerful as lion jaws

Fun Fact 10: Statistically there is a greater risk of dying from bee stings than from a shark attack

Fun Fact 11: Almost all sharks like to hunt alone

Fun Fact 12: The Great white shark eat around 11 tons of food each year

Fun Fact 13: Depending on the species, a shark can be pregnant from 5 months to 2 years long

Fun Fact 14: The great white shark, mako and the salmon shark, will drown if they stop moving

Fun Fact 15: In the unlikely event of being attacked a shark, poking it in the eyes or punching it in the nose will help to scare it off

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