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Did you know? The definition of Polar Bear is a large white arctic bear that lives on the arctic ice. It is a powerful swimmer and feeds chiefly on seals. Did you know that the scientific name for  the Polar Bear is Ursus Maritimus?

Fun Fact 1: The polar bear can be found in five arctic nations; U.S. (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Denmark (Greenland), and Norway

Fun Fact 2: They are the world's biggest bear! Males can grow up to 11 feet long and weigh over 1500 pounds and females about half this size

Fun Fact 3: The scientific name 'Ursus maritimus' is Latin, translated it means maritime bear, the polar bear is sometimes thought of as a marine mammal because the amount of time it spends in the sea

Fun Fact 4: The bears are protected from the extreme cold by their thick coats and their blubber, which can be up to 10cm or 3.9 inches thick

Fun Fact 5: Only humans are the predators, or hunters, of polar bears

Fun Fact 6: It is unusual for a polar bears to live longer than 25 years old, although they can live longer in captivity. The oldest captive polar bear on record lived to be 43 years old

Fun Fact 7: An adult male polar bear weighs approximately 350700 kg (7701,500 lb) however a female bear weighs half as much

Fun Fact 8: The polar bear is classified as a vulnerable, endangered species, with over 50% of polar bear populations in decline. Global warming, resulting in the changing of the its habitat is the most significant threat to the polar bear

Fun Fact 9: Polar bears don't drink water! They get all the liquids that they need to survive from the animals that they eat

Fun Fact 10: Polar bears are amazing at long distance swimming, they are capable of swimming 155 kilometres (nearly 100 miles), and a female polar bear has been documented as swimming a distance of 354 kilometres (220 miles)

Fun Fact 11: This specie of bear has really large feet that act in a similar way to snowshoes

Fun Fact 12: When a Polar bear is born it weighs a little more than a pound, it is born blind and is usually it is one of two cubs in a litter

Fun Fact 13: The main diet of this species of bear is seals

Fun Fact 14: Mother polar bear will nurture her cubs to around 2-2.5 years old; however 70% of cubs will not survive to see their third birthday

Fun Fact 15: Polar bear fur is not white! The fur has thick, hollow hairs that reflect light which makes the coat look white. Another surprising fact is that their skin is black

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