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William Taft

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Did you know the definition of William Taft? Did you know that William Taft was a member of the Republican Political Party? Did you know that William Taft commissioned a bath tub that was seven-feet long, and could fit four people into it?

Fun Fact 1: William Howard Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 15, 1857

Fun Fact 2: William Taft came from a wealthy family and had an excellent education at Yale College. He went on to study at Cincinnati Law School and had careers as a Lawyer, Politician and Statesman before becoming president

Fun Fact 3: William Taft married Helen Herron on June 19, 1886 and together they had three children, two boys and a girl

Fun Fact 4: William Taft was appointed the role of Federal circuit judge at 34 years of age, he preferred law to politics and wanted to become a member of the Supreme Court, but it is believed that it was his wife's aspiration that led him into a strong political role

Fun Fact 5: William Taft was 51 years old when he was inaugurated as the 27th president on March 4, 1909; he served for 4 years until 1913

Fun Fact 6: William Taft was the 27th President and then held the position of tenth Chief Justice of the United States, to date he is the only person who has served in both of these offices

Fun Fact 7: Key events during the presidency of William Taft were; the agreement of the Taft's Dollar Diplomacy and the dissolution of trusts. Taft's Dollar Diplomacy used military action and diplomacy to promote and advance American business interests abroad. The Antitrust Policy involved the suspension of trust agreements

Fun Fact 8: In 1912 New Mexico and Arizona became the 47th and 48th states of America; this made William Taft the first president of 48 state America

Fun Fact 9: William Taft was a large man, he was 6 feet 2 inches and at his heaviest weighed 332 pounds, because of his size he was given the nickname of “Big Bill”

Fun Fact 10: William Taft was the first president to have possession of a car; he had the stables at the white house converted into a four-car garage to store it

Fun Fact 11: William Taft loved milk and famously kept a cow on the White House lawn to keep him in fresh supply. He had two while in office, but not at the same time the first was called Mooly Wolly, the second was called Pauline

Fun Fact 12: William Taft had a visible deep indent on his head; this was due to a skull facture he received during a wagon accident when he was 9 years of age

Fun Fact 13: William Taft died aged 72; he had a heart attack on March 8, 1930 in Washington D.C.

Fun Fact 14: William Taft was buried at the National Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. He is one of two presidents that are buried there; the other is President John F. Kennedy

Fun Fact 15: The funeral of William Taft was the first funeral of a president to be broadcast on radio

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