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William Harrison

William Harrison

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Did you know that William Harrison was a member of the Whig Political Party? Did you know that the Whig political party were active from the early 1830s to the mid-1850s? They supported modern political views and safeguarding of the economy

Fun Fact 1: William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, 1773

Fun Fact 2: He was born into wealthy political family who lived on the Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County in Virginia

Fun Fact 3: William Henry Harrison had seven siblings; he had three brothers and four sisters, he was educated at home until he was fourteen

Fun Fact 4: William Harrison was a military hero and was given the nickname of "Old Tippecanoe" owing to his personal victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811

Fun Fact 5: William Henry Harrison inaugurated as the 9th president of America in 1841, he was 68 years old

Fun Fact 6: William Harrison is remembered as the first President to die in office he only served 30 days of Presidency, making it this shortest term of Presidency in American History

Fun Fact 7: During his lifetime he played a key role in major events including, defeating the British and Native Indians during the Battle of the Thames and beginning the War of 1812 in his role of Major General for the Kentucky military

Fun Fact 8: The Ballot to elect the 9th President of America proved to be a highly successful political process, four of every five eligible voters cast their vote and this is the third highest turnout in American history!

Fun Fact 9: William Harrison and his wife Anna Tuthill Symmes had ten children, nine of whom lived into adulthood

Fun Fact 10: William Harrison built an expensive house that became a huge attraction because of its ornate beauty. It was brick built with windows from Europe, hand-carved woodwork, a circular stairway and thirteen large rooms

Fun Fact 11: A key role during his career as governor was agreeing treaties with the Native Americans to acquire land; this resulted in the purchase of 50 million acres costing $2.00 per acre

Fun Fact 12: William Henry Harrison died on April 4, 1841 in Washington D.C. after serving just 30 days in office, which to date is the shortest presidency in history, he was 68 years old

Fun Fact 13: William Harrison gave his oath for Presidency in freezing weather conditions without wearing adequate clothing; this was the contributing factor that led to his death of pleurisy & pneumonia

Fun Fact 14: William Harrison's dying words were: "Sir, I wish you to understand the true principles of the government. I wish them carried out. I ask nothing more."

Fun Fact 15: His untimely death led to a constitutional panic, but it also highlighted many unresolved questions about presidential succession in this type of situation, Constitutional amendments were agreed and put in place

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