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John Tyler

John Tyler

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Did you know that John Tyler became the president of America death of his predecessor William Harrison, who was president for just 30 days? Did you know that John Tyler was a member of the Whig Political Party? Did you know that the Whig political party where active from the early 1830s to the mid-1850s? They supported modern political views and safeguarding of the economy

Fun Fact 1: John Tyler was born March 29, 1790 in Virginia

Fun Fact 2: He was born to a wealthy Virginia family and raised on a slave plantation, living a privileged lifestyle

Fun Fact 3: John Tyler was just 21 years old when he was elected to join the Virginia House of Delegates

Fun Fact 4: John Tyler was the 10th president of America at the age of 51; he served for 4 years until 1845

Fun Fact 5: John Tyler was playing a game of marbles when he was given the information that he had become president

Fun Fact 6: John Tyler's main achievements were including Florida as part of the union and his approval of the annexation of Texas

Fun Fact 7: As his Presidency was given so quickly after the inauguration of William Harrison he was given the nickname of "the accidental president", he swiftly suppressed this defining that he was President and not acting President

Fun Fact 8: John Tyler was the great-uncle of President Harry S Truman

Fun Fact 9: He played a key role during the Second Seminole War, which is also known as the Florida War. It was a battle between different groups of Native Americans who called themselves the 'Seminoles'. After the conflict Florida was admitted to the Union

Fun Fact 10: John Tyler was the first president to marry whilst in office; it was his second wedding, less than a year after his first wife died. Between his two wives he fathered 15 children!

Fun Fact 11: John Tyler was a talented musician and enjoyed playing the violin

Fun Fact 12: John Tyler played an important role over the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty with Britain; this resolved many disputes regarding locations of the Northeast Boundary

Fun Fact 13: John Tyler retired to hometown Virginia until the outbreak of the Civil War, 1861. He served as chairman to a peace convention, until his death the following year

Fun Fact 14: He died on January 18, 1862 at the Exchange Hotel in Richmond, Virginia

Fun Fact 15: The cause of death was severe fever and respiratory failure; he was buried 3 days after his death in Hollywood Cemetery

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