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Fun Facts on John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

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Did you know that John Quincy Adams is remembered for his help with the Monroe Doctrine, negotiating the Treaty of Ghent and his power behind the antislavery petitions? Did you know that John Quincy Adams was a member of the Democratic Republican Political Party?

Fun Fact 1: John Quincy Adams was born on July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts

Fun Fact 2: Growing up, John Quincy Adams was mainly educated by his parents, but as they travelled trough Europe he studied in schools in Paris and Amsterdam. When he returned to American he entered Harvard University

Fun Fact 3: Before becoming president he played a successful role of Secretary of State, during James Monroe's presidency. It was during this time that he made his suggestions on the Monroe Doctrine, some say that this was his greatest service as a diplomat

Fun Fact 4: He was the son of the second president John Adams, and was inaugurated eighteen months before his fathers death

Fun Fact 5: John Quincy Adams was 58 years old when he was inaugurated as America's sixth president in 1825, he served for 4 years until 1829

Fun Fact 6: At the time of the election there were accusations that his presidency was won through cheating and corruption

Fun Fact 7: John Quincy Adams married Louisa Catherine Johnson in London on Jul 26, 1797. He is the only president to have a foreign-born First Lady

Fun Fact 8: Along with playing a key role in formulating the Monroe Doctrine John Quincy Adams dealt with negotiations behind the Treaty of Ghent this consequently ended the War of 1812 with Great Britain

Fun Fact 9: He was outspoken in his opposition to slavery and persistently fought Congress to receive antislavery petitions. He also made proposals for a constitutional amendment forbidding slavery in any new state that was admitted to the Union

Fun Fact 10: John Quincy Adams owned a pet alligator which he kept in the East Room of the White House, it was given to him by the Marquis de Lafayette

Fun Fact 11: He also installed the first billiards table in the White House

Fun Fact 12: John Quincy Adams was the first president to have his photograph taken the date was April 13, 1843

Fun Fact 13: Journalist Anne Royall, became the first woman to interview a president, however it wasn't easy, after being declined for interview several times she stole his clothes when he was swimming naked and refused to return them until she was given an interview!

Fun Fact 14: He was destined to become America's 7th President, but died after collapsing on the floor of the White House two days before the election on February 23, 1848. He was 80 years old

Fun Fact 15: His body was laid in state at the Capitol Building, then transferred by train to Boston where he was buried in the family crypt at Quincy

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