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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

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Did you know that Jimmy Carter was a member of the Democrat Political Party? Did you know that Jimmy Carter was in the Navy? Did you know that Jimmy Carter learnt how to speed-read?

Fun Fact 1: James Earl Carter was born in Plains, Georgia on October 1; 1924, he was the first US president that was born in a hospital

Fun Fact 2: The Carter family origins date back to 1635 when they arrived from England into America. James was the eldest of four children bought up in a wealthy family, his father was a successful farmer and peanut broker

Fun Fact 3: Jimmy Carter is a down-to-earth man, as such he has always insisted on being called "Jimmy" instead of "James". Jimmy Carter had a good education and studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He went onto the US Naval Academy where he studied nuclear physics. He joined the Navy in 1943 but had to leave and run the family business when his father died. He improved the family business and by 1979 had become a millionaire

Fun Fact 4: On July 7, 1946 Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith in Plains, Georgia. Together they have 4 children named Jack, Chip, Jeff & Amy Lynn

Fun Fact 5: In 1977 Jimmy Carter became the 39th President of America; he was 52 years of age and served for 4 years until 1981

Fun Fact 6: During his presidency Jimmy Carter initiated the Camp David Peace agreement, which was an contract of resolution between Israel and Egypt, it was signed at the White House on 17 September 1978

Fun Fact 7: In 1979 Carter continued the policy initiated by Richard Nixon to normalize relations with the People's Republic of China and recognized the People's Republic of China

Fun Fact 8: The negotiating of the Panama Canal Treaty was an event that caused much resistance in Jimmy Carter presidency form both the opposition and the American public as it was felt that the US would be loosing an strategic advantage to an unpredictable country

Fun Fact 9: Jimmy Carter was required to read 300 pages a day so at the White House he learnt how to speed read, he could then read 2,000 words a minute and recount with 95 percent understanding

Fun Fact 10: Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy labelled the trees in the garden of the White House as part of a school project, Jimmy thought that this was a great idea and endorsed the decision to label each of the trees since that day. Each tree in the White House is marked with the common name, Latin name, who planted them and where they originated

Fun Fact 11: At the end of Jimmy Carter presidency 52 Americans were captured and held hostage in Tehran. The Iran Hostage Crisis followed and the prisoners were held for 44 days

Fun Fact 12: Jimmy Carter's term in office ended on January 20 1981. Just minutes after, American captives that were being held in Iran were set free, ending the 44-day Iran hostage crisis

Fun Fact 13: Since his retirement from presidency Jimmy Carter and his wife, were successful in setting up an non-profit organization for the expansion of human rights and alleviation of human suffering, they opened The Carter Centre in Atlanta Georgia in 1982. Jimmy Carter is a significant essence in the Habitat for Humanity project

Fun Fact 14: In 2002 the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, in recognition of decades of relentless duty in finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts and promoting human rights and improving economic and social development

Fun Fact 15: Jimmy Carter was quoted as saying "You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can"

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