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James Garfield

James Garfield

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Did you James Garfield was a member of  the Republican Political Party? Did you know that he had a pet dog which he called Veto? Did you know that James Garfield could write with both hands? Read below to find out what other ambidextrous talent he had!

Fun Fact 1: James Garfield was born on November 19, 1831, in Orange, Ohio

Fun Fact 2: James Garfield was the last of 7 presidents that were born in a log cabin

Fun Fact 3: He was born into poor family, in fact historians believe that he was the poorest man to have become President of the United States

Fun Fact 4: Despite his family poverty James Garfield had a good college education, he went on to serve in the Union army during the Civil War, he had various jobs throughout his lifetime including a Preacher, Teacher and Lawyer

Fun Fact 5: James Garfield married his true love Lucretia Rudolph Garfield on November 11, 1858 together they had five children

Fun Fact 6: James Garfield became the 20th president of America on March 4, 1881, when was 49 years of age

Fun Fact 7: The presidency of James Garfield lasted for just 200 days, from March 4th until September 19th when he died as the result of an assassination attempt

Fun Fact 8: James Garfield made just one executive order in his role of Presidency, this was to to grant government workers the day of May 30 1881, as a non-working day, a day to decorate and honour the graves of those who died fighting in the Civil War

Fun Fact 9: James Garfield was a very religious man, and was once a practicing Preacher, because of this he was given the nickname of 'The Preacher President'

Fun Fact 10: James Garfield became the first president who was left handed!

Fun Fact 11: James Garfield was ambidextrous, which means he could write legibly with both hands, not only that he could write fluent Greek with one hand and Latin with the other!

Fun Fact 12: James Garfield was shot twice by frustrated Republican, Charles J. Guiteau, one bullet hit his arm and the other was never found. It was thought to be lodged in his spine, several doctors tried to find it and he eventually died from infection and blood poisoning, probably due to trying to locate the bullet

Fun Fact 13: James Garfield died on September 19, 1881, in Elbberon, New Jersey, he was 49 years old

Fun Fact 14: Charles J. Guiteau was convicted of the murder of James Garfield consequently sentenced to be hung in June 1882

Fun Fact 15: James Garfield's spine, showing the bullet hole has been preserved and is kept by the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C.

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