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Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford

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Did you know that Gerald Ford considered himself a Republican even as a child? Did you know that Gerald Ford served in the Navy during WW II?

Fun Fact 1: Gerald Rudolph Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska on July 14, 1913. He was born with the name Leslie Lynch King, Jr. but his named changed when he was adopted by his stepfather

Fun Fact 2: He was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his mother, step father and three half brothers. He had a good education and was a talented sportsman. In 1937 he was a student at the University of Michigan Law School and was then attended Yale until 1941

Fun Fact 3: Gerald Ford enlisted into the Navy in 1942; he served during WW II and won 10 battle stars for his service to the nation

Fun Fact 4: On October 15, 1948 Gerald Ford married Elizabeth Anne (Betty) Bloomer. Together they had four children Michael, John, Steven and Susan

Fun Fact 5: On the resignation of Richard Nixon, who was implicated with the Watergate scandal, Gerald Ford became the 38th President of America on August 9, 1974. He was the only vice president who did not become president due the previous president's death

Fun Fact 6: On September 8, 1974, President Ford granted disgraced Richard Nixon a pardon on the belief that the nation did not need to undergo a long and trial and he wanted to nation to move forward from it. He was highly critized for this and there was talk of a "corrupt bargain" being struck, this effected Nixon's popularity rating

Fun Fact 7: During the presidency of Gerald Ford, there were two assassination attempts on his life, unusually both were by women. The first attempt in 1975 was by Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme, from California, the second attempt, 17 days later, was by Sara Jane Moore from West Virginia. Both women were found guilty and each given a life sentence for their crime

Fun Fact 8: In 1975, thirty-five world-wide states, signed the Helsinki Agreement, it was a declaration that would improve the relationship between the Soviet and the West

Fun Fact 9: The presidency of Gerald Ford saw the end of the Vietnam War. In 1976 American forces were withdrawn and Communist governments resumed power

Fun Fact 10: Gerald Ford was commonly know as Jerry, and he always signed his name as Jerry Ford

Fun Fact 11: Gerald Ford and his family had Golden Retriever named Liberty, who had pups at the White House; the family kept one of them and named her Misty

Fun Fact 12: Gerald Ford's daughter Susan held her senior prom in the East room of the White House

Fun Fact 13: After Gerald Ford's presidency his wife Betty publicly told the nation about her personal struggles with alcohol and painkillers addiction. In 1982 she opened the world famous Betty Ford Centre an addiction treatment clinic in their hometown California

Fun Fact 14: Gerald Ford died when he was 93 years of age, on Boxing Day, 2006. He was at Rancho Mirage, California

Fun Fact 15: Gerald Ford was said to have a quote for life "Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time"!

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