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George H. Bush

George H. Bush

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Did you know that George H. Bush was a member of the Republican Political Party? Did you know that president George H. Bush is left-handed? Did you know that the Bush family pet, Millie, is a famous star?

Fun Fact 1: On June 12, 1924, George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts, shortly after he was born the family moved to Greenwich in Connecticut


Fun Fact 2: He was born into a wealthy family his father Prescott Sheldon Bush, had a profitable banking career. The family moved to Texas when George was two years of age, therefore he always considered himself a Texan

Fun Fact 3: George H. Bush had a good education and majored in economics at Yale University. When he was eighteen he joined the Navy in the role of naval aviator, before reaching his nineteenth birthday he had become the youngest US navy pilot. George H. Bush served in World War II, and flew in 58 combat missions, and after the war worked in the oil business, and worked his way up to become president of an oil development company

Fun Fact 4: On January 6, 1945 George H. Bush married Barbara Pierce Bush in Rye, New York. Together they had six children, but they lost their daughter Robin to leukaemia when she was 3 years old. Their son George Junior grew up to become the 43rd President of America

Fun Fact 5: George H. Bush was 64 years of age when he became the 41st President of America in 1989; he served for 4 years until 1993

Fun Fact 6: George H. Bush was known by a few nicknames; during the Navy his lanky figure earned him the nickname 'Skin'. His other nicknames where given when his son of the same name became president, they were used to tell them apart, these nicknames were 'Bush the Elder' or 'Bush 41', the 41 represents the 41st president

Fun Fact 7: In 1989, Noriega the leader of Panama declared a state of war with the US. Code-named Operation Just Cause, George H. Bush sent troops into Panama to successfully regain control. It was a brief war last from December 20, 1989 until January 31, 1990

Fun Fact 8: During the presidency of George H. Bush the hold over the Soviet Union collapsed, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the world saw the break up of the Soviet Union until 1991, finally ending the Cold War that began 1945

Fun Fact 9: In the 1990, the US was involved in its second military action with George H. Bush as president. The Persian Gulf War freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders led by Saddam Hussein. Iraq retreated and the actions of George H. Bush massively increased his popularity

Fun Fact 10: The Bush family Springer Spaniel was once referred to as "the most famous dog in White House history". Millie, mother of six pups born at the White house, had a book published about her life with the Bush family at the white house. She had her own room which was once Nancy Reagan's beauty parlour. She even made a cameo appearance in the famous cartoon The Simpsons!

Fun Fact 11: In May 1989, George Bush signed a bill which established a Federal Holiday in the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. There was some resistance to the initial suggestion, but the bill was supported by musician Stevie Wonder wrote and recorded a song called "Happy Birthday"  which helped to publicly promote the campaign. The holiday is observed around Martin Luther King Jr's birthday close to January 15th

Fun Fact 12: George H Bush was president for four years; he was defeated in the 1992 election by Bill Clinton

Fun Fact 13: The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is situated at College Station, Texas. It was dedicated on November 6, 1997 and George H Bush told his audience "Today I feel like the luckiest person in the world", it was opened to the public within days of the ceremony

Fun Fact 14: During his retirement he has received two prestigious awards. In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II awarded him an honorary knighthood (GCB), then in 2011, he was presented with the highest US civilian honor the Medal of Freedom

Fun Fact 15: It was discovered that George H Bush did not like a certain green vegetable and was once quoted as saying "I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it - I am President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli"

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