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Did you that many key events in American History can be found on our Fast Fun Facts about the the U.S. Presidents Fact Sheet? Did you know that each of the 44 Presidents has his own fact file page full of information and interesting fun facts, plus a video about them? Click here to go to the index page for Fun Facts about American Presidents

Fun Fact 1: George Washington was the 1st president of America. He was voted in, in 1789 and served as president for 8 years (until 1797)


Fun Fact 2: The first President to live in the White House was John Adams. He lived there for just 4 months as Thomas Jefferson won the election in 1800

Fun Fact 3: Thomas Jefferson was responsible for overseeing the Louisiana Territory purchase from France in 1803. This more than doubled the land area of the United States

Fun Fact 4: James Monroe was the last president who was a Founding Father of the United States

Fun Fact 5: James Monroe is only person who has served the post of Secretary of War and Secretary of State, both at the same time. This happened during the War of 1812

Fun Fact 6: John Quincy Adams was the first president to have his photograph taken the date was April 13, 1843

Fun Fact 7: During the presidency of Martin Van Buren over 15,000 native Indians were forced to leave their territory, this mass convoy was called the “Trail of Tears”; it was a catastrophic time for the native Indians and resulted in over 4,000 deaths

Fun Fact 8: Abraham Lincoln led the Union into the Civil War to protect the nation and put an end to slavery. He was assassinated on April 15 1865; five days after the Confederate armies surrendered ending the Civil War

Fun Fact 9: The presidency of Ulysses S Grant saw the collapse of the gold market on September 24, 1869 which set America into financial panic, and was know as 'The Black Friday Scandal' it was caused by two investors, Jay Gould and James Fisk, attempting to corner the U.S. gold market

Fun Fact 10: America became a world power for the very first time during the presidency of William McKinley; his role was instrumental during the Spanish-American War of 1898

Fun Fact 11: Woodrow Wilson was the president who led the US into World War I. On May 7, 1915 a German submarine sunk a cruise ship with American citizens on board, it was called the Lusitania and it sunk in just 18 minutes killing 1,198 passengers. In addition to economic and political reasons on April 6, 1917 the US declared war on Germany

Fun Fact 12: In 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and the US joined the Second World War. President Franklin D. Roosevelt served as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces and guided America through some of the toughest crisis including the Second World War and the great depression

Fun Fact 13: In 1962 a thirteen day worldwide crisis took place. Know as the Cuban Missile Crisis, John F Kennedy stopped the Russians from entering Cuba with nuclear missiles that could then be deployed to the US Naval quarantine surrounded Cuba and with strategic management JFK diverted the world from the brink of nuclear war

Fun Fact 14: Just after six months into the presidency of George W. Bush the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon. Bush retaliated by pronouncing a war on terror, an international military campaign, which included war against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001 and war in Iraq in 2003

Fun Fact 15: Barack Obama is certainly a 21st century president, and has a YouTube Channel since 2006. He is the first ever American president to upload his weekly address, and his channel has exceeded over 289 million views. We wonder what George Washington would think of that?

Fun Facts for Kids

Fun Facts on the U.S. Presidents for Kids

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