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Fun Facts on Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge

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Did you know that Calvin Coolidge was a member of the Republican Political Party? Did you know  that Calvin Coolidge was president during the period between the two world wars?

Fun Fact 1: Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont on July 4, 1872

Fun Fact 2: Calvin Coolidge was the raised on the family farm; his father was a storekeeper and local public official, his mother died when he was 12 years old

Fun Fact 3: He studied at Amherst College from 1891-95, where he gained status as a confident public speaker. He proceeded to study law and in 1897 was admitted to the bar

Fun Fact 4: On October 4, 1905, Calvin Coolidge married Grace Anna Goodhue, together they had two boys who they named John and Calvin

Fun Fact 5: Calvin Coolidge was 51 years of age when he became the 30th President of America in 1923. He served for 6 years until 1929

Fun Fact 6: Calvin Coolidge's father, John Calvin Coolidge, was a justice of the peace and carried out Coolidge's inauguration ceremony

Fun Fact 7: Calvin Coolidge was president during the period between the two world wars, this was considered to be a successful and wealthy time in the US, however Coolidge neglected to see that stock market was likely to crumble and that the Great Depression would soon occur

Fun Fact 8: Calvin Coolidge's government policies were very pro-business, he lowered taxes for wealthy with the Americans Revenue Acts of 1924 and 1926 and cut the amount of immigrants allowed into the U.S. the era was referred to as the "Coolidge Prosperity"

Fun Fact 9: The Kellogg-Briand Pact was agreed in 1928 during Calvin Coolidge’s Presidency, fifteen countries were in agreement to reject war as the solution for fixing international differences

Fun Fact 10: Calvin Coolidge was the only living president to have his portrait printed onto coinage; he appeared on the 1926 sesquicentennial half dollar

Fun Fact 11: Calvin Coolidge was a man of few words, he even refused to use the telephone at the White House and because of this he was given the nickname of “Silent Cal”

Fun Fact 12: The family of Calvin Coolidge had two pet raccoons, named Rebecca and Reuben, occasionally they would run around inside White House!

Fun Fact 13: Not long before Calvin Coolidge died he said to a friend ". . . I feel I no longer fit in with these times"

Fun Fact 14: Calvin Coolidge was 60 years old when he died on January 5, 1933 at The Beeches, in Northampton. At the request of his wife his body laid in state at their home

Fun Fact 15: Calvin Coolidge was buried 100 miles north of The Beeches, in Northampton in Plymouth Notch, Vermont

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