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Did you know that Bill Clinton was a member of the Democrat Political Party? Did you know that Bill Clinton could play the saxophone? Did you know that Bill Clinton has won two Spoken Word Grammy Awards?

Fun Fact 1: Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, his father died in a car collision before he was born. He was named William Jefferson Blythe IV, after his father but he legally changed it to the name of his stepfather when he was 16 years of age

Fun Fact 2: Bill and his brother were largely bought up by their maternal grandparents while his mother trained to be a nurse. When he was young he was given the nickname of ‘Bubba. He had a good education and with the help of scholarships attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and University College, Oxford before studying at Yale Law School, where he met his future wife

Fun Fact 3: On October 11, 1975 Bill Clinton married Hillary Rodham Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas. Together they had a daughter called Chelsea Victoria

Fun Fact 4: Bill Clinton was 46 years of age when he became the 42nd President of America in 1993. He served for 8 years until 2001 and was historically the second US President that became disgraced and impeached

Fun Fact 5: Early into his presidency Bill Clinton endorsed the Family and Medical Leave Act, this paper would allow staff to take unpaid time off work due to pregnancy or critical medical conditions

Fun Fact 6: On September 22, 1993 Bill Clinton disclosed plans of a universal health reform. It was a key item on Bill's agenda but it became a controversial matter, with questions being raised on the funding

Fun Fact 7: In 1994 investigations began into the Whitewater Scandal. The controversy involved real estate investments and the acquisition of land for the Whitewater Development Corporation, which was associated with the Bill and Hillary Clinton and their colleagues Jim and Susan McDougal, the deal failed and accusations of obstruction of justice and fraud followed. The Clinton's were found to be not guilty, but the publicity blemished their popularity in his first term of presidency

Fun Fact 8: On February 26, 1993 a bomb exploded at the World Trade Center in New York City. The terrorist attack killed six people and injured over a thousand. The following day Bill Clinton publically addressed America with an announcement

Fun Fact 9: Another terrorist bombing occurred but this time the terrorist was American. Timothy James "Tim" McVeigh carried out the attack; know as Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995 because of his hatred of Federal government. It was the most damaging act of U.S. terrorism at the time causing 168 deaths, 19 of which were young children, and injuring another 680. Over 320 buildings were also destroyed or declared inhabitable. About the attack President Bill Clinton said "The bombing in Oklahoma City was an attack on innocent children and defenceless citizens. It was an act of cowardice, and it was evil". Timothy James "Tim" McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to death

Fun Fact 10: Bill Clinton will probably be most remembered for his involvement in The Lewinsky Scandal. America was shocked to hear claims that President Bill Clinton was involved in a relationship with 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, which he denied both publicly and under oath. He later accepted that he had had "inappropriate intimate contact" with Lewinsky, his previous denials consequently led to his impeachment of office in 1998

Fun Fact 11: Bill Clinton is the only president whose wife has also run for public office. Bill's wife Hillary was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 and became the first former First Lady to represent the state

Fun Fact 12: Bill Clinton is a talent musician and plays the saxophone, when he was at college he considered a career in music. The hit cartoon show Family Guy has an episode with Bill playing his saxophone!

Fun Fact 13: Bill Clinton has won two Spoken Word Grammy Awards. The first was in 2004 when he performed along with other leaders and actors an interpretation of the Peter and the Wolf story. The second was in 2005 for his own audio book called "My Life"

Fun Fact 14: In more recent years Bill Clinton's has suffered ill health, he had problems with his heart which resulted in bypass surgery in 2004 and in 2010 he had surgery on his arteries

Fun Fact 15: When asked what he thought about being a president Bill Clinton said "Being president is like running a cemetery: you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening"

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