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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

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Did you know that Andrew Jackson belonged to the Democrat Political Party? Did you know that due to Andrew Jackson's significant contributions to the expansion of office many consider him to be the father of the modern day Presidency?

Fun Fact 1: Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina

Fun Fact 2: He descended from a family of poor Irish immigrants. In addition, his father died before he was born and his mother and two brothers had all passed away before he was 14 years old

Fun Fact 3: When he was just 13 years old Andrew Jackson joined the Army to fight in the Revolutionary War. He was the only President who served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812

Fun Fact 4: Andrew Jackson married Rachel Donelson Jackson in 1791, she had 11 children and Andrew Jackson treated them as his own

Fun Fact 5: After two years of marriage it was discovered that Rachel Donelson had not properly divorced her first husband, who then filed for divorce on grounds of adultery. Talk of adultery and bigamy shadowed Jackson's career just as it was progressing into politics

Fun Fact 6: Andrew Jackson became the 7th president of America in 1829 when he was 61 years old; he served for 8 years until 1837

Fun Fact 7: Major events during his time as president included the beginning of the Second Seminole War in Florida and the Texas Revolution. The famous Battle of the Alamo ensued, which encouraged Texas settlers from the United States to join the Texan Army who then went on to defeated the Mexican Army

Fun Fact 8: Andrew Jackson was a tough, strict officer during the war of 1812, and this along as having strong, straight values earned him the nickname "Old Hickory"

Fun Fact 9: Andrew Jackson's portrait is featured on the $20 bill; some people affectionately call the bill a "Jackson"

Fun Fact 10: Andrew Jackson was the first and only president that has paid off the national debt, he did this in 1835

Fun Fact 11: Andrew Jackson was the first president to ride on a train, he rode on a 12 miles trip from Ellicott's Mill; Maryland to Baltimore

Fun Fact 12: During his term the Jackson administration relocated nearly 50,000 Native Americans into other areas of land

Fun Fact 13: Jackson, the capital of Mississippi is named after Andrew Jackson

Fun Fact 14: He died aged of 78 on June 8, 1845 near Nashville, Tennessee

Fun Fact 15: Andrew Jackson had a talking pet parrot which he'd named Poll. At the funeral of Andrew Jackson, the parrot proceeded to screech obscenities and curse words to the mourners; it was quickly removed from the room!

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