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Did you know that the state of Tennessee is situated in the South-eastern region of America? Did you know that there are 95 counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee? Did you know that Tennessee is the 16th state of the U.S. constitution? Our selection of interesting, cool fun facts will help you increase your knowledge on the subject of every American State

Fun Fact 1: The name Tennessee originated from the Native Cherokee name that means little river - "Tanasi"

Fun Fact 2: The state flag consists of a red field, with a thin vertical white stripe and a thicker blue strip positioned to the right hand side. Centrally placed on the red is a white edged blue circle containing three white stars. The white stars represent the state's three grand divisions; East Middle and West. The white circle binds the stars in unity. The state flag was officially adopted in 1905

Fun Fact 3: The Capital city of Tennessee is Nashville. Nashville is situated in Davidson County, and the city is worldly well-known it's music industry. Nashville is nicknamed as the "Music City"

Fun Fact 4: The area of the State covers 109,247 square kilometers or 42,143 square miles

Fun Fact 5: There are eight states that directly border Tennessee they are; Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri

Fun Fact 6: The Tennessee state nickname is "The Volunteer State" in recognition of the brave volunteer soldiers that fought in battle

Fun Fact 7: The official State Song is called "My Homeland, Tennessee" the song was written by Nell Grayson Taylor and set to music composed by Roy Lamont Smith; the song was officially adopted in 1925

Fun Fact 8: The three largest cities in Tennessee are Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville

Fun Fact 9: The State Motto is "Agriculture and Commerce"

Fun Fact 10: A brief history of Tennessee - the Spanish were the first Europeans to visit the region in 1540. American pioneer Daniel Boone explored the territory in 1769, which became part of the United States in 1783. Tennessee became the 16th State to be admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796

Fun Fact 11: The abbreviation letters for the state of Tennessee are - Tenn. The Postal Code abbreviation is - TN

Fun Fact 12: TN state symbols include; TN animal symbol - the Raccoon. TN state bird symbol - the Mockingbird . TN state insect emblem - the Honeybee. TN State tree - the Tulip Poplar. TN state reptile - the Eastern Box Turtle. TN state flower symbol - the Iris. The Passion Flower and the Tennessee Coneflower are official state wildflowers

Fun Fact 13: What is in Nashville TN? There are so many things to do and see in Nashville. Top attractions include; The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Hermitage - home of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, RCA Studio B - the famous recording studio where amongst many others Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Dolly Parton recorded their music, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art, Radnor Lake State Park and the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world; situated in the Parthenon, Centennial Park

Fun Fact 14: Where is Clarksville TN? Clarksville is a city in Montgomery County it is the fifth-largest city in the state.  Clarksville is situated 82 km (51 miles) north-west of Nashville and is home to Austin Peay State University, the oldest newspaper in Tennessee (The Leaf-Chronicle) and Fort Campbell

Fun Fact 15: The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Tennessee in 2012 was an estimated 6,456,243. This compares to a population of 2,020,616 filed on census from the year 1900

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