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Did you know that there are seven recognised clans in Cherokee Indian society? Did you know that it is forbidden for a Cherokee Indian to marry within the same clan? Read our fun facts sheet for kids to find out more - why not watch the free entertaining video and learn about the Cherokee Indians the quick way!

Fun Fact 1: Cherokee Indians are a tribe of American Indian people who were moved from the Great Lakes region to the Appalachian Mountains

Fun Fact 2: Cherokee Indian history dates back over one thousand years. The Cherokee Indian culture and lifestyle had changed little before the arrival of European explorers

Fun Fact 3: In 1540 the first European explorer travelled through Cherokee Indian territory. The exploration was led by Spanish explorer Hernando de Sota

Fun Fact 4: The Cherokee Native Americans lived in harmony with the land which was valued by their culture, religion and beliefs. Different tribes generally respected each others boundaries and hunting grounds. The concept of people having exclusive "rights" to land ownership was unfamiliar - until the Europeans arrived

Fun Fact 5: Arguments about the ownership of Cherokee land began between the European settlers, the U.S. Army and the Native American Indians. Gradually the disputes resulted in many conflicts

Fun Fact 6: What is "The American Indian Wars"? The American Indian Wars is the name that was given to describe the many wars, battles and conflicts between the American settlers/the U.S. army and the Native American Indians. The American Indian Wars took place between the years 1622 - 1924 (intermittently)

Fun Fact 7: What was the Trail of Tears? Definition: The Trail of Tears was the name the Cherokee chose to describe to the journey that they were forced to take as a result of the 1830 Indian Removal Act

Fun Fact 8: The 1830 Removal Act led to the relocation of native Indian populations to Oklahoma. The U.S. government forced the Cherokees from their homes in 1838

Fun Fact 9: The Trail of Tears was a gruesome journey that began in the South-eastern United States and ended in Oklahoma; covering a distance over 1,600 kilometres (1000 miles)

Fun Fact 10: Around 16,000 Cherokee Indians of all ages were forced from their homelands to walk the vast distance.  The journey took six months and over 4,000 Cherokee people died from cold, hunger and disease

Fun Fact 11: In addition to Cherokee Indians, other Indian tribes including Chickasaw Indians, Seminole Indians and Choctaw Indians travelled the Trail of tears. Around 100,000 Native Americans survived the gruelling journey; however many thousands died

Fun Fact 12: Some Cherokee people avoided relocation by hiding in the Allegheny Mountains. During the mid 1800's a protected reservation was set up for them in North Carolina. Today two groups of Cherokee exist; they are called the Eastern and Western Cherokee

Fun Fact 13: Cherokee culture is historically matriarchal; this means that children take the clan of the mother, and kinship is traced through the mother's family

Fun Fact 14: There are seven recognised clans in Cherokee Society: the clan names are Long Hair, Blue, Wolf, Wild Potato, Deer, Bird and Paint

Fun Fact 15: Clan members are considered to be brother and sisters; it is forbidden for a Cherokee Indian to marry within the same clan

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