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Did you know that paintings, baskets, craft work, woodwork, weaving, pottery, silversmith work and beadwork are all forms of Native American art and craft? Did you know that jewelry made with the semi precious stone Turquoise has close links the Navajo tribe in South-western U.S.? Read our fun facts sheet for kids to find out more about Native American art and crafts.

Fun Fact 1: Art plays an important role in Native American culture; it has been used to express the Native American way of life for thousands of years

Fun Fact 2: Native American art was in general divided into two different gender-related areas. Crafting, created by the women of the tribe, was very decorative and geometric in design. Illustrations and records of events were more graphic and produced by the men

Fun Fact 3: Tepees were commonly painted by the men of the tribe, the pictures would display earthly and spiritual art images relating to the tribes Native American customs and beliefs

Fun Fact 4: Many Native American Indian art projects conveyed culture and beliefs using symbols or pictograms. A list of materials used to create artwork and pictures includes; bark, rocks, cloth, clay, stones and animal skins

Fun Fact 5: Trees provided a natural structure and a perfect 'canvas' for Native Indian artists. Symbols and pictograms were carved into the tree bark; this provided a permanent record of important historical events for the future generations of the tribe to look back on

Fun Fact 6: Native American Totem poles are the largest, most elaborate form of Native American art. The carvings, colours and symbols on a Totem Pole have spiritual meanings and significance that represent the tribe's faiths, beliefs and heritage

Fun Fact 7: Basket weaving was a practical form of craft work, beautiful crafted items would be made by weaving reeds, grasses and corn husks which could been dyed to produce rich, bright colours

Fun Fact 8: The costumes and clothing of Native American people varied from tribe to tribe. Different tribes would be recognized by their clothing and by how their costumes were created and decorated

Fun Fact 9: Native American tribal art included making Jewelry which was often very ornate and worn by both genders. The jewelry was made from natural resources including bone, teeth, claws, sea shells, stones and wood. It was common for men to wear jewelry, such as necklaces and armbands and women to wear armbands, bracelets and earrings

Fun Fact 10: Native American Jewelry was made with the belief that natural resources within each item held special powers and magical properties that would benefit the wearer; these benefits would include properties for healing, peace and strength

Fun Fact 11: What is wampum? Wampum are prominent in Native Indian culture, they are sacred beads made of cylindrical, channelled whelk shell (white wampum) or quahog shell (purple wampum)

Fun Fact 12: Wampum shell beads were traditionally used for currency; they were also woven into special items to record and signify special events, transactions, exchanges and agreements including marriage

Fun Fact 13: Native American used a variety of creative beadwork to embellish clothing, costumes, jewelry and special items. Glass beading was introduced after the Europeans settlers arrived, prior to this beads were made from shells, bone and wood

Fun Fact 14: The most iconic semi-precious stone used in creating Native American art and jewelry is Turquoise. Turquoise stones have been crafted into Native American jewelry for many centuries

Fun Fact 15: The skills of silver and gold smith designs were introduced to the Native Americans via European settlers and took place around the mid-17th century onwards

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